101. Noname. Skateboards

May 12, 2023
May 12, 2023 Will Mackie

Welcome to another Friday and another round of Comacan Questions, this week we have interview number 101 for you, with another guest that we encountered online. A lot of the guests we meet end up being through the web (if not at our local parks) and that is exactly how we came across todays guest. With a simple name, a great attitude and some great skateboarding we knew we wanted to hit them up and share what they had to say. Without further delay we hope you enjoy this week’s interview with Noname. Skateboards.

Why did you choose the name Noname. Skateboards?
Growing up as low-income skateboarder in Canada no name foods were a staple. Non branded food products are cheaper, and let’s be honest, always hit the spot. I wanted a brand that would identify with that idea. That’s all I’m doing, just with skateboards. Noname.period.

Where are you based out of?
Beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia.

What products do you offer?
Mainly decks, hats and apparel. Occasionally, we will do limited drops and custom accessories.

What was the inspiration behind starting a brand?
Noname. is a homie-based skateboard brand. Its built around not being pushed for clips or selling as many decks as possible. Its about having someone to go skate with, having a couch to crash on, exploring new spots, and making stuff we like. We aim to supply quality skateboard products at legit prices, we want a price point the average homie can afford. To us skateboarding isn’t about luxury shirts, $300 pants, or which $400 shoes I can buy next, just to skate the shit out of them, or re-sell them later. Skateboarding is a lifestyle, its a community, but most importantly to us its about skating with the fam and landing those tricks.

What does skateboarding mean to you?
Skateboarding is about the family and friends you make. Having a crew to support you. Spending countless hours attempting that trick that you just have to get, with your homies hyping up the sesh. There is no better feeling then landing that trick, it can get pretty addictive.

Do you have a team?
Yes, we have a solid crew and a Noname. family. Our team members are:

Ryan Salahor
Tre flips anything.
Full-on rad dad.

Jarrod Bailie AKA (Berd)
Quick feet .
First try kind of guy.
Did someone say nollie flip?

Tyler Riddle
“I Think I will kick back tail it”.
Manny madness.

Damien Stewart
Skate, music, encyclopedia
Always gets the shot.

Brady Murray
He’s an island boy.
Hairless cats, hats, he just landed that.

Gabe Koszak
Backside flip Ninja.
Tricks, art, repeat.
“Lemme just have a quick little puff”.

Trevan Alcock
Heel trickery.
The one with the VX.
“Ill jump down that.”

Anyone you’d like to thank?
Of course, I’d start off by thanking my parents, if it wasn’t for them, I would have never gotten that first skate, or that first loan. I have to thank the boys for being the core of what we do. Jumping down, on and over a bunch of shit normal folk think is kind of fucked up and supporting our brand as it grows. Making every skate trip a lifelong memory.

My wife for pushing me, supporting me and being there when shit goes south.

Finally, all the friends, family and the skate shops that have supported us over the years.