106. Tuxedo Skateboards

June 16, 2023
June 16, 2023 Will Mackie

Welcome back to Comacan questions, this week we are joined by some more friends our west. As a pet owner their graphics caught our eye and we were delighted to learn more about them. We are proud to share this week’s interview with Tuxedo Skateboards.

Why did you choose the name Tuxedo Skateboards?
It was early 2021 during the pandemic and I was spending a lot of time at home with my cats. I’m a big cat guy and a proud cat dad of two, one of the is a tuxedo. I was just cuddling with my tuxedo and I said something like “you’re my little Tuxedo”. Then I was like “Tuxedo that has a nice ring to it, that would be a cool name for a skate company.” The more I thought about it, the more sense it made coupled with the fact that cats always and on their feet, have attitude, and don’t give a fuck what you think I thought it was a great fit for a skateboard company name.

Starting a skate/clothing company is a dream I have always had since I was a kid and I was 39 at the time and figured it was as good a time as any. I was finally making enough money at my construction job that I could invest a few grand so I figured you only live once.

Where are you based out of?
We’re based out of Ucluelet, B.C. A small seaside fishing village on the west Coast of Vancouver Island which is about half an hour south of Tofino. I moved out here from Vancouver in 2009 as I had become obsessed with surfing in the early 2000’s so the wife and I sold our house quit our jobs and moved to the coast so we could be closer to the waves. It’s a great place to live; quiet, safe, beautiful.

It’s a challenge though as it’s so remote it makes shipping, and logistics a huge challenge. The weather can be pretty brutal with lots of rain so finding a dry spot can also be a challenge. There are also not many good spots for skating, but we’re blessed to have a good park and I have been doing what I can building various DIY spots in town and out in the bush.

Where can people view available products?
Well, the best thing to do is follow us on Instagram we do a lot of smaller run apparel projects out of our home and regularly post stuff on there. You can also order stuff from on us on our website: www.tuxedoskateboards.com

We also have some stuff at the following shops:

Coastline – Victoria B.C. , Wabi Sabi – Coombs B.C. , Alternative Groove – Nanaimo B.C.
Long Beach Surf Shop – Ucluelet & Tofino B.C. , Live To Surf – Tofino B.C. , HMI Skatepark – Hope B.C.
And Grand River Skate Shop – Caledonia Ontario

We’re doing our best to get into more shops and the goal is to be in every province coast to coast. So, if you like our stuff talk to your local skate shop and tell them to give us a buzz.

What is your favourite part of owning a skateboard brand?
Well, I think the best thing has got to be the stoke of the groms. The energy the kids have is contagious and its super cool to see kids rocking our stickers on their helmets and stoked on the brand. I’m really honoured to have such awesome skaters on our team representing our brand its cool to be a positive influence in these kids’ lives. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t cool to have a new deck or clothing whenever I want, that’s definitely a benefit. I also love how it allows me to express my creativity.

What does skateboarding mean to you?
It’s really the only thing I have stuck with pretty much my whole life having got my first skateboard in 1987. I’ve spent about 35 years on and off with a skateboard being a huge part of my life. I think the biggest draw is the unlimited possibilities. For example, every trick can be done switch, fakie, nollie, frontside and backside so the potentially is literally unlimited. No matter how good you get you will never master it. I also really like the camaraderie and community aspect of it. Coming from spending a lot of time in the surf scene, it’s so different. With surfing its more of a pissing contest and high school mentality. everyone is battling for the same wave. With skateboarding it’s much more supportive and welcoming. Its more about fun and not taking things too seriously. People cheer each other on, the stoke is infectious and everyone is welcome regardless of ability.

What sets Tuxedo Skateboards apart?
Well, I think for starters colour. We try to use a lot of colours in our designs, our logo has 5 colours in it alone and we love bright colourful graphics that pop. We also try to have a sense of humour and not take anything too seriously, for example our Pun Series of decks that all have been inspired from pop culture movies and television over the last 40 years with graphics and names designed to make you laugh.

Diversity, our team of skaters, artists, and owners is a diverse group of men and women from a variety of different cultures, and backgrounds. Our team is a reflection of the diversity of Canada and Canadian skateboarding.

We’re also a family-owned business my wife and me operating out of our house. We do all of our clothing prints in our home.

Would you like to thank anyone?
I’d like to thank all of our team members for skating hard and pushing themselves while representing our brand. The parents who take these kids all over the place to skate parks and contests, all of the shops that carry our products we appreciate your support, my wife Diana for always being such an awesome partner, and Everyone who has purchased any of apparel or decks we’re stoked to have your support!