108. Waterdown Ribfest Skatejam

June 30, 2023
June 30, 2023 Will Mackie

Welcome to another round of Comacan Questions, this week we are joined by some of current organizers of an event that we’ve become more and more involved with right here in our own stomping grounds. It’s an honour to be involved with an event that brings the skateboarding community and other communities together so well. We’re proud to be on board as a sponsor with so many other great companies from around Hamilton and we’re stoked to share this interview right before the event! Please enjoy this week’s interview with the Waterdown Ribfest Skatejam.

What is the Waterdown Ribfest Skatejam?
It’s a Canada Day skateboard competition that is part of the Oh Canada Waterdown Ribfest.

When and where is it? 
It is held on July 1 weather permitting at Waterdown’s Memorial Park skate bowl.

How is the rotary club of Waterdown involved?
The Rotary club of Waterdown and some of the local skateboarders felt that a Skatejam would be a great event to help engage some of the younger community members and highlight the skateboard community’s positive involvement in the Waterdown community. The Waterdown Rotary covers all the operating costs to host the event including free Shirts for the participants. Rotary also supports the skatepark community through our years by covering the cost of supplies to paint and maintain the bowl typically every two years.

Who’s on board for sponsors for 2023’s event?
This year sees the return of a number of anchor sponsors that have participated for a number of years now. The Local Skateshop from Hamilton has been the main sponsor along with Comacan Skateboards. Grindstone Tattoo, West Ave apple cider and new this year Grindstone physiotherapy are local businesses that support us. We also have Retna Wheels, The Killroom, Dr Disc Hamilton, CJ’s Skatepark, Marcianos Pasta Cafe, Heartbeat Hotsuace and The Hamilton Skateboard Assembly involved.

What categories are running this year?
We will have a 12 and under junior, women’s and open jam. There is also a masters bowl comp and we always have a couple other events that we announce on the day. In the past we have had best trick on an obstacle, big air, high jump and best street line. I guess you’ll just have to show up to see what happens this year…

How can people get involved?
To participate as a contestant show up between 10-11 am on July 1 to register, it’s free to compete. If you’d like to help out as a sponsor, photographer or to volunteer reach out to us on Instagram or at waterdownribfestskatejam@gmail.com

Is there room for spectators?
You bet! The more the merrier, come out and have some fun. We call it a competition but really it is more of a big skate session with some great skating, prizes and if you want some great ribs, you can grab some of those too.

Anyone you’d like to thank? 
The Rotary club of Waterdown, without them it wouldn’t be possible. The Local Skateshop for all their help over the years. All of the other sponsors. But most of all the skaters, volunteers and spectators that make it such a positive experience every year.