111. Posur Skate Mag

July 21, 2023
July 21, 2023 Will Mackie

Welcome to another friday and another round of Comacan questions, thanks for choosing to check this interview out. This week we are joined by a guest who is carried through a distribution we also have ties to but caught our interest with their name. We wanted to know more and oh, aren’t we glad we asked to learn some more. For a good laugh and to find out what’s to come from this guest, enjoy the rest of this interview from Posur Skate Mag.

Why did you choose the name Posur?
We needed to pick something comedic as a start, the whole magazine is mostly satirical so that seemed like a great way to set the tone right form page 1.

What inspired you to run a skateboarding magazine?
I don’t know if we can really be called a skateboard magazine even, all the mags I see are putting in the hard work to keep the scene alive, especially the smaller ones. I’m personally a big fan of Neighbourhood, Skatanic Disciples and Word Zine. But whatever you call us the inspiration was really coming from the way the industry has been the last few years. With skating moving to the Olympics, corporate non skate brands getting into the game, and existing brands taking the safe way when it comes to graphics and marketing, I just felt like the light hearted fun skate culture was fading. Skateboarding is different to everyone and if it’s very serious to you I get it, to each their own. To me skating has always been a not-so-serious thing. You fall, you laugh, you get back up, your buddy eats shit you laugh at him to and so on. Skating can give you thick skin and I think there is room for some comedy and article poking fun at the humorous things going on. IT doesn’t always have to be so damn serious…

What sets Posur apart?
I mean, we are garbage, we don’t aim to not be garbage. You aren’t going to get any real information from us. you are going to get fake articles with sometimes photoshopped pictures.

How can people grab a copy?
We will be available for free in skateshops who will receive or magazine through Mehrathon Distribution. Also, we will be available for order on Skatehousedistribution.com

How can companies get involved In the mag?
Currently Skatehouse Distribution is handling that for us, but believe it or not a lot of people want to put an ad in a mag with zero credibility and appears to be nonsense, go figure. We have actually pushed our release date twice now and are about to release the first mag out of pocket. We have issue 2 ready to go also so well see where the launch gets us.

What does skateboarding mean to Posur?
We are all skaters, but we are also interested in keeping things funny at least if only to make ourselves laugh, that’s good enough.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
Nope, we are trash