116. Motorpickle Supply

September 1, 2023
September 1, 2023 Will Mackie
Welcome back to another week of Comacan Questions, this week we have a different kind of guest from some of our normal features. We’re swapping out our four wheels and talking about two wheels this week, what those wheels mean to them, who they are and how we relate it to skateboarding. All that and more is in this week’s interview with Motorpickle Supply.

Why did you choose the name Motorpickle?
The name was born from lyrics of this song by Arlo Guthrie. The story he tells is fantastical and silly and really sums up the vibe we wish to embrace here. The name is memorable, but also shows that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Art by: Lee Dennis

What is Motorpickle?
Motorpickle Supply is a motorcycle repair shop that services all makes, models, and years of bikes, with an attached storefront that carries lifestyle apparel, gear, and accessories and features a specialty coffee bar that serves Black Sheep Coffee.

Where are you located?
496 Main St W in Port Colborne

What inspired you to open a motorcycle goods and services shop?
We’ve talked for many years about opening a shop and after a bit too long spent working for THE MAN, we decided to finally do it! There is a big lack of motorcycle repair shops in the region, and the shops that do exist have long wait times for appointments. We want to keep people on the road as long as possible and owning our own shop allows us to be there for customers the way we know we can.
How did you get into motorcycles?
Jon & Corey grew up riding bikes, ripping around the farm or the quarry. Corey’s dad is a lifetime member of the Welland County Motorcycle Club, so he spent many weekends out at the track watching races.

Where can people view available products/services?
www.motorpicklesupply.com or come on in to the store and have a look around!

What does being on a motorcycle mean to you?
Being on a motorcycle is simultaneously being completely alone and also completely a part of something. It means freedom, but also community.

What does the skateboard community mean to you?
The skateboard community and bike community have always overlapped a ton. We grew up in the punk rock and skate scenes and have always felt support, whether you just use a board to get around like Jon, or actually know how to use it like Corey. Similar to being a new rider or a seasoned veteran, that support goes a long way and creates such lasting relationships. We (skaters and riders) also to be oddballs, the outsiders and the weirdos, so we get one another and enjoy looking at society perhaps a little different.

How does Motorpickle get involved in the community?
The heart of the vision for Motorpickle is to grow into a community hub. We want to be the place where people meet, not just for rides, but for catching up with old friends and making new ones. We would like to use our space to host events that raise awareness and support for mental health particularly, but also for pretty much any cause that has importance to someone in our community.

Any advice you’d like to share with someone looking to get into motorcycles?
Anyone you’d like to thank?
The Ethiopian people and their goats who discovered that the little cherries growing on their coffee bushes could be made into a delicious beverage that gave you magical energy! hahaha but seriously, definitely our families and friends for all their support during the absolute battle it was to get Motorpickle Supply open to the public, particularly Corey’s parents who put in tons of hours of labour during the renovations to the storefront. Also everyone who has supported us so far; we are feeling the love and can’t wait to grow with you all!