118. Skatepark Respect

September 22, 2023
September 22, 2023 Will Mackie

Welcome back to Comacan Questions, were stoked to share yet another interview with a special guest this week. We came across this guest through a friend who is known for touring around skateparks and his skatepark building and cleaning advocacy (Thanks Spotttheloonie!). Right from the first time we viewed their Instagram we knew that this organization was an important one and one that we wanted to spread the word about them. This organization brings attention to something that is often overlooked by skateboarders or even the municipalities where these parks exist, that is respecting the skatepark. We are proud to share this interview and hope everyone enjoys today’s interview with Skatepark Respect.

What is Skatepark Respect?
Skatepark Respect is a 501 (C) (3) registered nonprofit organization. Our mission is to create awareness and community involvement in keeping skateparks clean and maintained worldwide. We work with communities and cities to clean and maintain the amazing gifts that are skateparks through cleanup events, community outreach, and educational efforts.

What was the inspiration behind starting Skatepark Respect?
We were cleaning our local skatepark most days and thought about how we could help create a network of skatepark advocates and encourage others to keep things clean.

What does skateboarding mean to you?
Skateboarding is life. It’s a culture, a release from the stress of the world, a way of life.

How can people get involved?
Follow us on social media @skateparkrespect, reach out via email or DM, or visit our website.

Where can people keep up with skatepark respect?
Instagram @skateparkrespect

What is your mission with skatepark respect?
Our mission is to create awareness and community involvement in keeping skateparks clean and maintained worldwide.

What does a clean skatepark mean to you?
A clean skatepark is safer, more fun, and will last for many years for all to enjoy.

Any advice for skateboarders out there?
Never stop skating, be kind, and always give back.

Any information you’d like to share about skatepark respect?
We have over 160 Skatepark Respect Ambassadors in 15 countries so far hosting cleanup events, working with their cities and communities to bring everyone together around the cause of cleaner and maintained skateparks. To donate to the cause, please visit www.skateparkrespect.org

Anyone you’d like to thank?
We would like to thank the thousands of people we have met, our supporters, our sponsors, the skatepark builders and designers, cities and communities who support skating, and especially our amazing ambassador network who is spreading good daily. Thank you all!