124. Skate Smoke Co.

November 23, 2023
November 23, 2023 Will Mackie

Welcome back, we’re here for our last interview of November already. We owe this week’s interview again to connections we’ve made online. We’ve seen today’s guest involved with some other brands and magazines that we follow but most recently we both sponsored a Halloween jam (Clarkside Shopdogs Halloween Jam). Being that we were both involved in a rad event we wanted to learn more, so we touched base over Instagram and today’s interview is the result of that chat. Please enjoy this week’s interview with Skate Smoke Co.

What is Skate Smoke Co?
In a nutshell Skate Smoke is a cannabis enthusiast brand, that promotes being active & wellness through the activity of skateboarding & cannabis use.

Where are you based out of?
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What was the inspiration behind starting a company?
We wanted to debunk the myth about the stoner culture, no slight to that community. It’s rad but we wanted to teach/tell people that you can be active and enjoy cannabis. Most people’s perception is couch potato. We want to change that. As well as making canna accessories and dope clothing

What products do you sell?
We’re a clothing brand that promotes humorous & thought-provoking graphic tees, long sleeves, hoodies & weed accessories. We’re working on a dope, Snapback & we make small batches which makes quality control easier, but we are still going through grow pains. Working on collaborative project with like-minded individuals.

Where can people find these products?
For now online skatesmoke.com and in the streets. Holla at yah boy

What does skateboarding mean to you?
Everything. I’ve owned a skate shop in Markham called DBS Skates circa 94-08. Building a community, skate park and good times all because of that wooden toy Because of skateboarding I’ve travelled and met some amazing people. Learned about new cultures, food all because of skateboarding.

What would you like to highlight about cannabis in skateboarding?
Again debunk all the stoner myths lazy, bum, Its funny how people still think cannabis is 70’s hippie Shit. THC is medicine. It helps in so many ways. That’s why we’re we want to come in and be a part in changing minds

Anyone you’d like to thank?
To all my active canna-heads, skaters shout out all the independent skate shops around the world. Skate and create