127. Ollee

January 26, 2024
January 26, 2024 Will Mackie

Welcome back to Comacan questions, this week we are joined by another great guest that we came across online. Through our online activity on Instagram with other skateboarders we began to see the testing of a skateboard tracker, we reached out to the creators in the early days of the beta testing and asked for an interview. At that time there was not too much to share as the testing was being conducted however through chatting with the creators, we were able to do some testing of our own. We enjoyed the product and its application and are proud to share more information about it. Now the time has come to share an interview and we are stoked to share it, Please enjoy this week’s interview with Ollee, the company behind the Ollee Skateboard Tracker.


What is Ollee?
Ollee is a skateboarding tech company based out of Toronto that has brought to market the first interactive skateboard activity tracker, called the Ollee Skate Tracker. The Skate Tracker is a little device you mount on your skateboard that automatically tracks your skateboarding sessions and gamifies the whole experience with a scoring system allowing skaters to collect points, earn badges and compete with other skaters on a global leaderboard.


What was the inspiration to create a skateboard tracker?
The idea started during the pandemic. With many of our day-to-day activities shut down due to restrictions, we began spending a lot more time at the local skateparks. It was a great way to reconnect with the old crew, stay in shape, and work on our skating. With things slowly getting back to normal, we found it harder and harder to get everyone back to the park on the same day, and to stay motivated when doing solo sessions. This was really what sparked the idea for the Skate Tracker. What if there was a little device that you ride with that always connects you with your homies and motivates you to get on your board, rain or shine, and just keep skating.

What kind of statistics does the tracker track?
The Skate Tracker automatically detects your skateboarding activity – just skate as you always do, and it’ll measure a whole bunch of things during the session. The most basic metrics include how long you session for, what was the time you spent actually riding the board, how many tricks you attempted and landed, and the amount of energy you put into the session. These metrics are the basis for the scoring system. In addition, there are other stats you can see during your session including how many times you pushed while riding, your longest line of tricks, and some stats on the types of tricks you performed, whether they were flips tricks and what side of the board you popped from.

What else does the Ollee app include?
The Ollee App is the front end to the Skate Tracker experience. In the app you can track your skateboarding sessions like you would see in any traditional fitness tracking application like Fitbit or Strava. You can track your skateboard history, for example, see how many times you skated this week or month, set skate goals you want to hit, and review locations you skated and what tricks you might have been practicing with the tag feature. There is also a gamification side to it, where through the scoring system you can collect points, level up, earn badges, and see your rank monthly and all time on the leaderboard. There is also a sharing feature to quickly post your session or ranking to social media, as well as your overall accomplishments summarized in the Skater Stats. Basically, you’re like a character in a real-world skateboarding video game, that’s the experience we’re trying to create.

What does skateboarding mean to you personally?
Skateboarding to me is freedom, creativity, and community. The feeling of unlocking the secret to landing a new trick, then sharing that with your friends, teaching them, challenging them to a game of SKATE – that’s what keeps me locked in. The thrill of riding, doing something really hard and kind of dangerous, and in the meantime just chilling with your friends, there really isn’t anything quite like it.

How do you hope to see this skateboard tracker impact the skateboard community?
The Skate Tracker is a labour of love for the sport and the community. If it helps motivate one skater to spend an extra 30 minutes on their board that day, grinding it out to learn a new trick or hit a personal goal, then we’ve done what we set out to do. We hope we can give skaters an exciting new experience, but without fundamentally changing anything about the sport we all love. The skateboarding community is so diverse and positive, we’re so grateful to be able to contribute to it one way or another.

How can people keep up to date with Ollee?
Follow us on Instagram and Tiktok under @olleeskate for updates, and visit our website (www.ollee.app) to sign up to the newsletter. We’re always listening to what skaters think about the product, what they’d like to see, and how this idea could help them out.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
The local skate parks in Toronto we spent so much time hanging in and testing the product – Ashbridge and 8th Street, and all the homies that are regulars there. Big shout out goes to all our beta testers too, they spent months helping simply out of love for skateboarding, we couldn’t have done it without them!