131. Dagger Cats Skateboard Club

June 14, 2024
June 14, 2024 Will Mackie

Welcome back to another Comacan Questions, like we said the interviews are a little further apart these days, but we are still dedicated to sharing them every chance we get. We are proud to bring another interview to life this week with some friends North of us, but we will let them share more about that and who they are. We hope you enjoy this week’s interview with Dagger Cats Skateboard Club.

What is the Dagger Cats Skateboard Club?
The Dagger Cats Skateboard Club is a group of friends that meet up for beers and burgers, skate together, laugh, have fun, and try to give back to the Skateboard Community in any way we can. Skateboarding has been a huge part of all of our lives, and most of us have been friends since we were kids. Skateboarding has given all of us so much, that it just felt important to all of us to try and give some of that love back to skateboarding. The Dagger Cats Skateboard Club is Phillip Laframboise, Nico Taus, Alan Faubert, Roger Santerre, Darryl Bobbie, Brian Joblin, Rob Roy, Shayne Rogers, and Jeff Bona.

Where are you based out of?
Dagger Cats is based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Sudbury has always had a strong sense of community. Whenever there is something creative, artistic, or athletic, happening in the area, Sudbury really comes together to help support it.

How can people get involved?
People can get involved by coming out to our events to enjoy the comradery and sense of community we have to offer, or just come out to the skatepark any time and see if skateboarding might be right for you. We are always looking to get more people on a skateboard.

What does Dagger Cats Skateboard Club do?
We try to host 2-3 Skate Jams each year, with prizes, food, and fun for everyone regardless of skill level or ability. Our events are all-inclusive, and a safe space for everyone. We collect non-perishable food for local charitable organizations and try to do some good for the community outside of skateboarding too. Last year, we were even able to donate $1000 to a good friend and fellow skateboarder, to help with their medical treatment costs. I couldn’t have been prouder. Growing up, I didn’t have much, so most of my skateboards over the years were hand-me-downs from friends. So, we recently started a program that takes old worn-out skateboards, and cuts them down, and refinishes them to a much smaller size to donate to our less-fortunate younger skaters in the community. Anyone that would like to donate their old boards, can just drop off an old worn-out skateboard with any one of our members. Giving back to skateboarding has enriched all our lives. It has connected us to people and ideas that have positively impacted each one of us.

Where can people keep up with Dagger Cats?
People who are interested in the Club can follow us on Instagram or check us out on Lifers at the Cracks in the Road YouTube Channel.

What inspired the creation of the Club?
Ultimately, the idea was inspired by Dogtown and Z-Boys. We have always looked up to those guys and loved the legacy that they had created. During the filming of the Cracks in the Road Skateboard Documentary Series (a film by Nico Taus), a group of us were reunited with friends that we hadn’t seen in years. Everyone was excited to see each other again, and we started weekly get-togethers every Wednesday evening at the local skatepark, and we called this Wicked Wednesdays. Other skaters in the community started coming out, and Wicked Wednesdays grew to a fairly large session each week. Next thing we knew, the day that most people hate became everyone’s favourite day of the week.

We started this Club because of a dream. Our vision was to create a sense of connectivity, with kind of an 80’s punk/ grassroots feel to it. We strived to keep the Club as pure, and as raw as the way we feel skateboarding should be. The sense of friendship and belonging that it has created in our lives has been invaluable.

Do you sell any product?
Yes. We work closely with our favourite woodshop, and artists like Andrew Pommier, and Nico Taus to make our dream a reality. We currently offer skateboards, t-shirts, stickers, and punk-pins available through our Instagram.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
We would like to say thanks to our amazing supporters, Vans Canada, Myriad Sales, and Grand Trading, for making all of this possible. We would also like to thank Curtis Carriere for all of his hard work and support over the years, Andrew Pommier (artist extraordinare), Dogpound, Craig Young, Minnow Lake Kids, BigOlBeastman, Wicked Wednesdays, and Ollie North Skateboard Association, for everything they do for Sudbury Skateboarding, and a HUGE shout out to all of our family and friends that have supported us on our journey. Keep skating, keep pushing, and keep having fun!