132. CBMK

July 11, 2024
July 11, 2024 Will Mackie

Welcome back, we are so glad to share another round of Comacan Questions with you. We’re sharing this one day early ahead of all the festivities we will be involved in at Jackalope this weekend! This interview is directly thanks to Scot’s suggestion, and we are real proud to share it. We have fond memories of today’s guest from some of earliest days on a board and we know that is a common thing for many skateboarders from around the area. We hope you enjoy today’s interview with Brett  from CBMK.

What was CBMK?
CBMK was a tiny little indoor skate park that my friend Chris and I started in 2002.

Where was it located?
It was located in Mississauga. The first location was near Iceland and the second was the on Haines rd.

How did CBMK get involved with the community?
We actually started with a few ramps in my truck and would drive to schools on the weekends. When we got out first building, we were doing school fundraisers and sponsoring contests. It was more about letting the kids know there is an indoor park in Mississauga. This was before Iceland park was built. We were the first skatepark in Mississauga since Rudy’s in the 90’s, which I worked at.

At one point Chris and I were the skateboard representatives for Mississauga’s 30-year plan in 2002/2003. Our goal was to get funding for skateparks in the future. I know there are close to ten outdoor parks now in the city.

What does skateboarding mean to you personally?
Interesting question, after all these years skateboarding means more to me than anything. Pretty much my entire life has been based around skateboarding. I started skating in 77. Dreamed of owning a park through the 80’s. Skateboarding has taught me everything, it’s taught me I can turn nothing in to something. It’s taught me people can do things they dream about. The Best lesson it’s taught me is never giving up. You want to learn something on a board it may take a while and a few thousand tries but it’s possible. Same goes for anything in life. If it’s worth learning it’s going to take time. All the crazy adventures, friends, contests and demos. I consider myself very lucky to have lived the life I have. Skateboarding gave that to me.

What are some of your proudest memories in all your years of instructing and promoting skateboarding?
I am still teaching everyday so I get stoked every time a client learns something new or something they didn’t think they could do. I started the park with 300$ and managed to make something decent out of it. Adrian Teles was the first kid I taught. Brandon Delbianco and Paul Lilliani, Lee Yankou, Bailey Wolfs were taking lessons the first couple of years at the park.

But I would have to say out of everything in the past, it would be the kids on the team that make me the proudest. Some of them were known world-wide when they were so young. They were all so talented. We were in Minnesota once for a contest and some people approached me and knew who we were, they were from San Diego. That’s when it really hit me. The 8 or so covers the kids got and all the interviews and articles and photos in the mags. Things were different.  Running the park for 13 years was great but the all the people who came through are what made it awesome!

What are some of your personal favourite memories in the world of skateboarding?
After 45 years on a board there are too many to list. My first trip to California where I got my first actual pro skateboard which was a pink Steve Cab. Before that it was clay and steel wheels. I met Tony Magnusson, Billy Ruff and the infamous Gator on that trip.

I have been lucky enough to be a part of the build crew a few of the big contests in the past. The world cup contests, got to meet Matt Hensley at one of them. Slam city jam, take the cake contests, the Bunt Jam. We built Muskoka woods with an amazing crew. Built a few ramps for Tony Hawk demos too. Some of the most fun were the demos and contests though, all the big names show up the kids get stoked. I would normally try and drag a few of the kids in to meet their favourite skaters. That gets them super hyped! The girl team showed up once at CBMK, that was a wild one. Video Is on YouTube YES WE Canada.

Tampa am with the CBMK crew was also a lot of fun over the years. Lee making semis, Jon making podium twice.  Would love to get the boys to enter Tampa pro one year, that would melt my brain!  The one that will always get me though is turning down Dave Chapelle. Sorry Dave it was a long day!

Anything you’d like to share from the history of CBMK?
I still have people mention it to me. Ask me to open another one. The one thing I hear the most is how it was unlike other parks, just the atmosphere. It had this feeling it gave people like they knew something amazing was going to happen and they were probably going to learn the trick they had been dreaming about or see something they had never seen before. Haslam might show up, like he did a few times. You couldn’t help but get better on your board when you skated that place. Everyone pushed each other to get to the next level. Like I said it was the clientele that made it happen. It became more like a big extended family that was always growing and evolving.

How are you involved in skateboarding these days?
I still teach skateboarding. I run the skate loft jr skate program on the weekends and run the day camps and summer camp. I also do private lessons every day at skate loft. I still build ramps and contests with my friends and skate as much as I can and just try to have fun. I will be running Skateloft summer camp this year, helping with Jackalope in Mississauga and the Bunt jam in Toronto.

Who was on the CBMK team?
Towards the end the team was pretty stacked. Not sure Canada has ever had a team like that. Adrian Teles was the first. Bailey Wolfs, Lee Yankou, Jon Cos, Ben Paterson, Zack Fergusson, Cam Trahan, David Palazzesse, Mitch Delong, Lucas and Alex Martin, Ethan Rivera. Honourable mentions, Mason Klupps and Lane Dorsey.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
I’d like to thank skateboarders world-wide for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible every single day.

The boys at skate loft, Koty, Everett, Shayne, Nick, Keitho, Chris for letting me do what I love every day. Henry, Cayden and all the kids at skate loft that make my job the best! The entire CBMK team. Jon, Ben, Zack and Lee for continuing to blow everyone’s mind. You boys at Comacan. All the people who came through the doors at CBMK and made some great memories. Thank you.