16. Urgo! Hardware

July 30, 2021
July 30, 2021 Will Mackie

Another Friday is upon us and we’re ready to share another interview with another company we’re glad to work with. A company dedicated to spreading stoke among skaters and companies alike, in their home turf the United States, all the way up to us here in Canada and beyond that. Fun graphics with simple, quality hardware you can trust no matter your set up they’ve got you covered, with slims, regular and extra long hardware. This week we’re proud to share our interview with Urgo Hardware.

1. Where is Urgo! based out of?
Colorado, United States.

But really it already exists deep inside of you. Because it’s always Urgo!

2. Where does the name come from?
Playing SKATE with the homies growing up and someone would inevitably ask, “Whose go is it…?” And the typical response would always be, “It’s your-go.”

We had a few creative parameters we set out. One was a four-letter word and to use a word that was already in a skateboarder’s vernacular, so the brand itself was easier to consume. Consumer palettes tend to have a hard time with something unfamiliar.

The concept is that there’s no one outside of yourself that will lead you to a newfound place.

It’s always “your-go” to take it to the “Max.” Hit the next level. Whatever that may be for you.

3. What kind of products do you offer?
Currently we offer hardware, tees, patches, wax, radical skateboarding and the occasional middle _finger.

We have a fall line creeping out soon of basic pedestrian gear.

4. Where can people view your products?
UrgoMaximus.com and any other _fine purveyor who carries us.

5. Do you work with local and other small businesses?
Yes. We try to build relationships and extend any support we can as a brand. We do see that as our role. Support skateboarding.

But skateboarding is very cliquish and tribal. Which is amazing, considering skateboarders tend to believe they hold themselves separate of politics and what normal monkey business is.

6. Do you have a team?
No. But we have an umbrella of dudes we fuck with, and support in any way we can to the fullest. That umbrella will get bigger over time. Or smaller.

But at Urgo! we like to show the spectrum of what skateboarding is. We don’t want a team of riders who are all ledge burners, or who are all heavy hitting hesh-dawgs, or who strictly destroy tranny or who laser curbs all day. That’s too tribal for us.

Aside from supporting the umbrella, we battle with the idea of what role we as a brand play, because we see skateboarding in a flux right now. It’s sorting itself out. So we are sorting our part out.

7. What makes Urgo! special?
He’s a “Gawd” like figure who thinks he fantastically cool with his green shades. Just like every other skateboarder.

8. What’s your dream with the business?
Create on our own terms and move like we do.

9. Working on any special projects?
There is some things on the burner. We’ll see.

10. Anyone to thank?
Everyone who has supported Urgo! thus far and down with the mission.