17. Jordan Meyers – Ferda Skate Co.

August 6, 2021
August 6, 2021 Will Mackie

Here we are for another round of Comacan Questions, this time with a very involved young gun in the Windsor Area. In skateboarding the opportunity to give back to the community is huge and in this regard, it truly bring out the best in skaters. This week we’d like to focus on one skater and the company he’s started in particular. This company may be up and coming and small for now but he has his sights set on the up and up. We are proud to share an interview this week with Jordan Meyers, he is a skateboarding instructor for Glengarry Skate Club (funded by Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Program, with support of the City of Windsor), he’s on Bliss Skateshop’s Amateur Team and he is the proud owner and founder of Ferda Skate Co.

1. What is Ferda Skate co?
Ferda Skate Co is a company that works with other skaters, clothing brands and other small businesses.

2. When did you start Ferda?
I came up with it in 2015-16 but started making it into a brand this year.

3. Where are you based out of?
Currently Windsor, Ontario but I’d like to expand one day.

4. Where does the name come from?
The name came from when my boy landed a trick the word ferda popped up in my head and I said to him “that was ferda” and ever since that, I went home made the Instagram and came up with ferda skate for a little ig friend group on Instagram. After a while all of my boys stopped chilling but I kept the Instagram going and now I want make it into a brand. I kept posting on it and no one else has the name so why not try and see what comes of it.

5. What would you like to do with Ferda?
I’d like to make it into a company since I love skateboarding, I always wanted to have my name on skate stuff and sell it to people like I was a pro skateboarder. My dream is to one day go pro with skateboarding or have a company because I want to do what makes me happy in life and skateboarding keeps me in my happy place.

6. How do you feel about working with local companies?
I’d love to work with everyone just as long as it’s fair.

7. Do you sell products? Where can people view them?
Right now, I’m working on having shirts made. Instagram is my place right now but once I get a couple of different shirts and hats I want make a website.

8. How can people contact you?
People can contact me through the Ferda Skate Co. Instagram page, email me at NorcliffeJordan@outlook.com, or call my house phone at 519-252-5954

9. What is your personal favorite skate video?
Sean MaltoElectric feel

10. What does skateboarding mean to you?
A family, a culture, my happy place to get the stress off me and I just love the feeling it gives me.