18. Hamilton Wax Works

August 13, 2021
August 13, 2021 Will Mackie

Welcome back and thanks for joining us for another week of Comacan Questions, as you might have guessed our guests today are from right here in Hamilton, Ontario. Comacan and Hamilton Wax Works crossed paths online at first and ended up setting up a trade, a Comacan board for HWW to film their riding with and some HWW wax for Comacan to supply interested customer with. Hamilton Wax works was built by a biker to improve the distance of his grinds while maintaining as much speed as possible. The Wax used for BMX grinds is no different than what we use as skaters and for that were proud to share an interview with some our friends behind the handlebars and behind the wax itself, here is Hamilton Wax Works.

1. How did you get into making Wax?
When I got into riding (I’m a BMX guy) I built myself a little 8ft ledge to practice my grinds & get general base of non-suckyness. It wasn’t long until I wanted to slide longer and faster. Being cheap & fairly handy, I never put much though into buying wax. A bit of research and it wasn’t long until I had something, I thought worked decently.

2. Do you make custom pieces?
Yup. Takes a bit though.

3. How long have you been making wax?
Around 4 years

4. Do you do this independently?

5. Do you have a team?
The Grindsmiths is what I call them…they seem to like it.
It’s more of a bunch of people that like to shred together, hangout, film (someone always has something they are working on) and help each other progress. Some of them ride with each other every day, some friends from the same neighborhood skateparks. A lot of them are hooked up by the same sponsors too. Makes for a pretty tight group guys with style going every which way. Oh, and one guy lives in Australia.

6. What does BMXing/skateboarding mean to you?
Haven’t put much thought into that. It’s fun as hell, I’ll say that. No one cares that your old fat ass could only ride once in the past week because of grown-up duties. No one cares that the trick someone just struggled with for hours had been checked of their list years ago and still go nuts when its pulled. Now, for the young guys, this stuff is way heavier. It’s a lifestyle, an escape, an outlet for creativity, happiness, anger. It’s their second family, it’s what they do. There are a lot of super talented younger shredders out there who would be fucked without that bike or board. Also, long-time vets that I bet would say the same of themselves. Hope that helps.

7. What makes Hamilton Wax Works special?
Its grind wax, nothing too special about it. Quality, local ingredients, the formula gets fine-tuned every-so-often to keep it consistent. Just good wax.

8. Anyone you’d like to thank?
Everyone. Yer all champs.