19. Anthony Tarasio – Th3 Killroom

August 20, 2021
August 20, 2021 Will Mackie

Hello and welcome back to another week of Comacan Questions, thanks for joining us for another interview with another special guest. The focus this week is on a place that has been serving the Hamilton (and beyond) community for quite some time. Starting out as a winter spot to continue skateboarding through the inclement weather, this area has evolved into so much more. Even with the name changes (previously Th3 Clubhouse and The Deli Shop), Th3 Killroom has provided so much more than just a skate spot, it has become a safe haven for people to learn how to skate at any skill level, it housed ladies and non-binary skate nights and even became a local music venue prior to the pandemic This area, this ramp and all that’s included in this space has become such an important space for the city and for skateboarding and music communities, all of this is possible thanks to the dedication of users to maintain the space and the organization of the management. We are so proud to share our interview with Anthony Tarasio, Manager of Th3 Killroom.

1. Where does the name come from?

The name was already established before I took over but from what I’ve heard, the building used to be a deli shop with a meat cleaning room that looks like a killer’s killroom with tiles on the ceiling and walls with a drain in the middle.

2. What exactly is Th3 killroom?

It’s a community space that houses a skate spot and a jam spot. We also host events or music video shoots on the ramp itself as well. It’s to help give the community a place to go and be creative in different outlets.

3. Who is welcome at Th3 Killroom?

Anyone and everyone is welcome we do not really turn away people. We try and keep it to skateboards and rollerskates which are less damaging to the ramp, also the roof is a bit low which is a factor.

4. What are the steps for becoming a key holder?

Best way to go about it is hitting the contact button on the Instagram page and send us an email to the killroom. Once the email is received an info pack will be sent for the rest of the steps on what to do.

5. How can people get involved?

People can be involved by getting a membership or we also have a GoFundMe for donations to help keep the ramp alive and running.

6. Are you involved with local artists for the paintings on the walls?

Absolutely!! I don’t have any artistic talent so I have been enlisting the help of local artists to get murals and paintings on the walls.

7. Do you host events?

Yes! We are starting to host shows again starting in September! Check out the page for more info!

8. What do you hope to see Th3 Killroom become?

I really would like to see it become sort of a staple for up and coming artists of all types as well as for local and international skaters to know it as a community hotspot to see when passing through. Also I aspire to actually get to a point where we can expand to a bigger spot to better accommodate more community members.

9. Are you involved in any other projects?

I am also involved in a motorcycle hobby shop on top of my Mon to Fri day job. Keeps me quite busy to juggle everything but it seems to be working so far.

10. Anyone you’d like to thank?

Honestly everyone I have ever met or has come through the space and also the people who may have never come in person but have donated when times were tight. Also the people who started The Killroom in the beginning and giving us a place to build up from.