20. Philly’s Hardware

August 27, 2021
August 27, 2021 Will Mackie

Thanks for joining us for another week of Comacan Questions, this week we’re sharing an interview with a company much like us that is proudly Canadian. Offering a diverse selection of Allen and Phillips hardware in a wide range of colours and sizes they truly have something for everyone. Hardware comes in a variety of shapes and sizes; this company definitely pushes that envelope even further. Hardware, stickers and soft goods to suit anyone’s needs. We are so proud to share this week’s interview with Philly’s Hardware.

1. Where does the name come from?
The funny thing is Philly’s is just what I used to call hardware as a kid. Being young and new to skateboarding I had foolishly assumed all hardware was Phillip’s head and therefore always referred to it as such. Even after discovering Allen heads, we still referred to them as “a pack of Philly’s”. After that, I always just thought it was catchy and kept the nickname in the back of my head.

2. How long have you been making hardware?
Our timeline is all over the place, this was a project talked about just over a decade ago. Then as life happens it was pushed to the side, and then with COVID-19 we really decided to take the time to organize and make the company come to life. Our first launch was in December of 2020.

3. What made you want to start a hardware company?
One thing we noticed that was missing was an assortment of coloured hardware from local skate shops. With hardware being small, it generally becomes other company’s last resort for a product, with us, we wanted to dive in and focus straight on hardware first. We find colourful hardware helps finally complete your full custom board, instead of the standard grey/black.

4. What kind of products do you offer?
Currently we offered a large selection of coloured hardware, T-tools, apparel and most recently, decks.

5. Where can people view your products?
Our products can be found in Local skate shops all over Canada. We firmly believe the local skate shops are the lifeline to skate culture in each community.

We also have our website, (www.phillyshardware.com) which is a great options for people who live further from their local shop.

For people who shop online, and have a local shop nearby, we incorporated a “Free Shipping to your Local Skate Shop” option which allows us to send the product to the nearby shop for pick up. We decided on this option to help get people in the door at Local Shops and eliminate the shipping costs for the buyer. The Local shop also benefits from this all we’ll cut them a cheque just for carrying us and allowing us to use them as a pickup location.

6. What makes Philly’s special?
We’re trying to bring back the light and comedic side of skateboarding. While skateboarding has evolved with different generations, we’ve noticed it has become more competitive, and started losing its individual flair.

7. Are you involved with any other projects?
We recently just rolled out a new brand called Blotto Wheels, which focuses strictly on wheels, and some apparel items.

8. How do you feel about working with local companies and skateshops?
It’s my favourite part of the business. Every individual shop has their own complete style, and flair, yet we are all here for the same reason. The respect between shops since we have started has been incredible, and it’s always been fun bantering or talking about ‘the good ol days’ of skateboarding.

9.What does skateboarding mean to you?
Skateboarding for me growing was everything. The skate park was an even playing field. It didn’t matter what you wore, where you came from, what personal struggles you had or if you were born into success. We all had the same tool and same opportunity. Anyone was able to make their mark if they earned it. Skateboarding for the most part only requires a strong drive to participate. You don’t need a boat or a lift pass, you don’t need a huge financial backing. You need a skateboard and a slab of concrete somewhere, where it goes from there is all on you.

10. Anything we want to add?
If people want to follow us our Instagram is @phillyshardware

Thanks for your time guys! Support your local skate shop!