24. John Gibson – 2nd Shot Recycled Skateboards

September 24, 2021
September 24, 2021 Will Mackie

Welcome back and thanks for joining us for another week of Comacan questions. Throughout our Comacan Questions series so far, we’ve talked a lot about creativity in and around the world of skateboarding but really what is more creative than reusing a skateboard for a different purpose? This business knows that the end of a skateboards rideable lifespan doesn’t mean it’s the end of all the skateboard is good for. Embracing the artistic expression at the core of skateboarding this company makes some stunning (and functional)pieces of skateboard art for others to enjoy. Were delighted to share this week’s interview with 2nd Shot Recycled Skateboards.

1. How did you get into making recycled skateboard art?
I have always loved skateboarding and woodworking and I just found a way to combine both things I love. The first thing I ever made from skateboards was a piece of wall art. I cut the skateboards into strips and stacked them together. My wife suggested we try to sell it on Etsy, and we did within a week to someone in Alaska. Once that happened it was on, and I haven’t stopped yet.

2. How long have you been doing this?
I’ve been doing it every day for 10 years now.

3. Where are you based out of?
Our shop is located on the Main Street in Grand Valley, ON.

4. Is the shop run independently or do you have a team?
I have a small team. Myself, my wife Lindsay and my best buddy Jeremy.

5. What kind of products do you make?
We make a variety of products from pocketknives, watches, guitars, wallets, chef knives and custom art pieces.

6. Where can people find/shop for your stuff?
Everything is available on www.2ndshot.ca

7. Do you make custom pieces?
We do a few custom pieces a year. Right now, we are working on a couple custom guitars.

8. What are some of your favorite pieces you’ve made?
I love the lion and the guitars that I’ve made in the past as well as the current ones I’m working on right now. So much time and emotions go into making these items. I just love them.

9. Any dream pieces you’d like to make?
I have an ongoing list of things I would love to make, one of them is a drum kit.

10. What are some companies you’ve worked with?
We’ve worked with lots of local skate shops, RDS, Full Send, Skater XL, Nyjah Huston’s new company Disorder and we have some big collabs coming in 2022.

11. Anyone you’d like to thank?
For sure. I’d like to thank everyone that supports us and helps spread the word. We appreciate the support of our local community and our skateboard community so much. We wouldn’t be anywhere without it.