33. Julie Fina (Aka Old School Method)

November 26, 2021
November 26, 2021 Will Mackie

Welcome back and thanks for joining us for another week of Comacan questions, this week and last week are back-to-back interviews with artists. We love it, we love to hear (and share) why people create what their creating, what it means to them and how they express themselves through their works. With that being said, we believe we talked to an absolute expert in that field, one that we are so glad she has dedicated some of her time to sharing some answers with us. Without any further delay please enjoy this interview with the creator of the“Ageing Dirts”series (and many other great works), Julie Fina.

What inspired you to start creating art?
I’ve been inspired to create ever since I can remember. Really! It’s been lifelong.

What types of art do you create?
primarily I am a painter. Though most work begins by shooting images with film on a vintage analog camera.

How do you express yourself through art?
How do I express myself through art? Inner dialog, questions, thoughts and observations all come together. Whatever the method, it’s a way of communication. Many of my series deal with the human condition, often inspired by religion, relationships….

What does art mean to you?
Art means everything to me. It defines much of who I am. A way to speak one’s truth. It’s honest. It’s raw. It’s ugly. It’s beautiful. It’s necessary.

What is the difference for you when painting compared to taking photos?
When I photograph it’s usually with a subject, A person. It’s an intimate experience, but it is a shared experience all in one go. With painting it is a solo mission which then gets shared. They differ, yet both are integral to the creative process.

What does skateboarding mean to you?
Skateboarding to me is freedom. It’s wind in the face. Usually, it’s surrounded with like-minded individuals who have the commonality of non-compliance and speaking our truths. Acceptance of the outcast. Much like the drive behind any great work of art.

What inspired your “Ageing Dirt” series?
My oil on griptape series was inspired by the skate community and a work of gratitude to the people who support and have had my back. A way of giving back. It was a challenging series and I love the freedom that came with it. Grip tape is a wicked surface and painting it allowed for a growth that was needed.

Why do you call yourself old school method?
“Old school method” is not only what I call myself; it’s a way of life for me! Everything by hand. No short cuts. The process takes longer and through it the forgotten truths emerge.

Do you make custom pieces?
Yes, of course I create custom pieces! That’s the artists bread and butter!

Where can people view your products?
My work can be viewed through my Instagram @juliefinapainter and @oldschoolmethod

Anyone you’d like to thank?
Many thankyous to you! Taking the time to reach out and do this interview with me is appreciated and a blessing. Art is life!


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