35. Stephanie Battieste of the Babes Brigade

December 10, 2021
December 10, 2021 Will Mackie

Welcome to the second week of December, here we are on another Friday with another round of Comacan Questions. This week we spoke with the founder and owner of an organization that was started with the intent to inspire and support (more about that in the interview). We were delighted to learn more about this organization and were stoked to share it with everyone, please welcome Stephanie Battieste, Founder and Owner of the Babes Brigade.

What’s the inspiration for the name Babes Brigade?
The name was inspired by Bones Brigade, a skate team from the late 70’s-ˇ80’s that consisted of skateboarders such as Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen just to name a couple.

Where did the idea come from to start The Babes Brigade?
I started Babes Brigade as a Facebook group for women to connect who skateboard. I would use the platform to host free weekly meet ups in my local community.

What is it that the Babes brigade does?
We have done many things over the past 6 years (formed in 2015) I use to run a skate team and host skate contests and skate trips. We started getting very busy with lesson requests and that has now been the focus of what Babes Brigade does. I plan to launch a clothing line by Summer 2022.

Where are you based out of?
We are based out of the downtown Toronto core, usually we are in the beaches at Ashbridge’s Skatepark. In the winters we move indoors to Skate Loft located in Scarborough.

Do you sell any products? If so where can people view them?
I will be launching the merch/product line by Summer 2022, it has been a long time coming and different barriers and obstacles had held me back from doing it in the past.

How can other female and non-binary skateboarders get involved?
This coming Summer we will be hosting meet ups again and we continue to teach lessons if that is needed. We welcome volunteers, photographers and designers to reach out if interested in collaborating.

What is your dream with Babes Brigade?
My dream is to have a skatepark/shop located downtown Toronto.

How do you use Babes Brigade and Skateboard to help people?
The basis of the company is to inspire more girls, women, non-binary and trans folks to feel recognized and supported by what we do, in everything we do.

Any events with Babes Brigade planned for 2022?
Unfortunately, it is still difficult to host an indoor event due to regulations and also availability for spaces. I am planning for outdoor events and lessons for this coming Spring 2022.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
Thank you to all of our supporters and to everyone who has contributed to the movement over the past six years. Thank you for helping Babes Brigade reach and accomplish so many goals within the skate community.

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