38. Hypno Skate Co.

January 14, 2022
January 14, 2022 Will Mackie

Happy Friday and welcome back to Comacan Questions, this week we have a company we’ve talked to quite a bit through the years online but only recently been lucky enough to meet through a local market put on by Driveway Skate Shop in Glenn Williams, Ontario. Whether its been online or in person one thing is for certain, this company is one of many in this great community that is all about spreading the love, supplying quality products and supporting the skateboarding scene. We’re proud to share this week’s interview with Hypno Skate Co.

What is the Inspiration behind the name?
The inspiration for the name comes from the Pokémon, “hypno” haha. It’s to represent how skating is a form of hypnosis. Keeping your attention away from the real world, a mental calmness.

What Inspired you to start a skate company?
My friends and I originally ran it together. What inspired us to start a skate company was to hopefully inspire the younger generation of skaters in Mississauga to keep skating, have something to relate to. All the local brands we looked up to growing up no longer existed. I also film and edit skateboard videos. I film a lot of the local skaters here and felt we needed another platform to showcase the talent coming out of our city. In other words, just trying to keep the scene here alive and help it flourish.

How Long have you been running Hypno?
I’ve been running Hypno since 2015, so about 7 years now.

What do you offer with Hypno?
When we first started, we were focused on selling just wheels. We branched out into making griptape along with some one-off skateboards here and there. We also make some clothing too.

Hypno is also a media hub for Mississauga skateboarding!

Where can people purchase your products?
Our products are currently available at Driveway Skate Shop in Georgetown/Halton Hills, Ride Skate Shop in Niagara Falls and The Local out in Hamilton. We also have a webstore too!

What does Skateboarding mean to you?
Skateboarding means a lot to me! It’s what helped me find myself. It gave me the confidence to just be who I am and not care about other people’s opinions. I met all of my closest friends through skateboarding. It’s where i find my inner peace and it keeps me sane haha.

What is your favorite part of owning a skateboard company?
My favourite part of owning a skate company is getting to engage with skaters from all over. You get to meet a ton of solid people. From supporters, shop owners, fellow independent companies, etc. The journey itself has been a fun learning experience so far.

Are you involved with any other projects?
This past year i was filming for my first ever full-length skate video. I’ve been filming for 10 years now and figured now is the best time to do so. I’m aiming to hopefully have it done by the end of 2022 and

Maybe premiere it somewhere! I’m stoked on the footy the homies have gotten so far!

Anyone you’d like to thank?
Firstly, I would like to thank the homies Zaiire, Javian and Gallo. If it weren’t for them, Hypno would not be here today. I also want to thank all of our supporters throughout the years and all of the shops who ever gave us a chance. Thank you to City Hall Mississauga, our local skatepark where I started skating. And lastly, thank you to Comacan Skateboards for giving us this opportunity! Much love 💕