44. MSkateSnow

February 25, 2022
February 25, 2022 Will Mackie

Welcome to the last Comacan Questions interview for the month of February, hard to believe how fast we’ve got here already. Today were talking with a fellow skateboarder who we met through the internet originally, then we were lucky enough to meet on his travels through the area. Skateboarding continues to connect us more than ever with access to the internet and more skateboarding content than ever before. With all of the above in mind we are proud to share an interview with our friend from Quebec, Michel Levesque.

How and when did you get into skateboarding?
It was back in 1988, I was on a ski trip to the Valinouet ski hill, and I saw for the first time a snowboarder on the slope, and we hit the rental shop for our first day of what became a way of life…. this next summer I was asking myself, what can I do to improve my snowboard skills this summer? That is where I pick up my first skateboard an Alva board, tracker trucks, vision wheels and I had a blast riding down the street with my skateboard in my town. Next winter I saw a big improvement in my snowboard riding skills from there I never quit riding skateboard and snowboard an all year around on a board.

What do you like most about skateboarding?
I love it because I meet a lot of people that share the same passion as me; skateboards. I meet new friends at every park.

What do you like most about travelling to different skateparks across the province?
Living in the far east, Baie-Comeau, my closest bowl is like a 5-hour drive in Quebec city. For the past few years, I’ve stayed in a campground in Quebec city all summer to ride that bowl and I start my travel from there. I usually do one 14 day road trip in Ontario and another 14 day in the Maritime Provinces every summer.

How many skateparks have you skated?
Hard to answer… I told my son when he was a kid: we will go on a skate trip to Vancouver on your 10th birthday. So, I had no choice in 2006 we went on a 30 day road trip and we hit 30skateparks on this trip only and since then I have never stopped travelling to skate every year, I hit a lot of new skateparks.

(AYR, ontario 2021 and Fredericton, NB)

What does skateboarding mean to you?
A lot of things, it gave me lots of memories and friends everywhere

Are there any skateparks you dream of getting to?
Always dreamed to go skate in California, for the weather and the skateparks.

What is your favorite trick?
Blunt rock to fakie, blunt back smith, lots of tricks I love to do in my mini ramp. Out of my ramp I have hard time to do them.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
Thanks Comacan Skateboards and thanks to my wife and 2 kids that let me ride my skateboard all these years, I love you.