49. Pylon Skateboards

April 1, 2022
April 1, 2022 Will Mackie

Welcome back to another week of Comacan Questions, it may be April 1st today, but today’s interview is no joke. We spoke with some guests that have inspired us ever since we came across their product online. From eye catching colours to their simply stylish graphics this company has caught and kept our attention and the attention of many followers from around the globe. We are beyond proud to share this week’s interview with Pylon Skateboards.

What is the inspiration behind the name Pylon Skateboards?
Like all good ideas it was just THAT dumb and made us laugh so it immediately stuck. It’s kind of a Canadian term too which is somewhat confusing – so a double bonus there. Morgan texted me a drawing he did on a 2×4 and the logo we have now is basically that exact drawing.

How long have you been in business?
Sold our first boards in July 2020, so just coming up on 2 years.

Where are you located?
Boards are made in Alberta; we are located in BC.

Where can people find your products?
We have 60+ retailers in Canada, USA, Japan, and Australia right now.

How can people contact you?
Pylonskateboards.com has all the answers.

What do you like most about owning a skateboard business?
I think you’d be hard pressed to find a more fun, creative, and cool industry to work in, so there that. Everyone involved in Pylon was either flo or pro at some point in our lives, so a big part of it is being able to help that next generation get to where they wanna get to as a skateboarder.

Any advice for other businesses?
Treat business like the skatepark. Show up, be you and come correct – if you’re worrying about what other people are thinking, you’re gonna fall on your fucking face.

How do you feel about working with other local businesses?
Building communities is important and chances are they’re your neighbour, so the money stays around to help build that community. All ships rise with the tide. It’s awesome to see some great Canadian brands rising up and making Canada look good.

What does skateboarding mean to you?
It’s such a personal, introspective, loner activity that somehow forges this connection with you other people that skate. Somehow you can be so happy and so angry at the same time while you’re doing it. Business wise, most of the time nothing makes sense and creatively anything goes…. skateboarding magically just oozes an effortless freedom of expression and inclusivity. It’s the fucking best.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
The Canadian skate industry and all the shops out there keeping skateboarding core and fostering these skate communities across Canada. Long-time friends and now business partners Ben Couves and the legendary Alex Chalmers. Morgan for his branding skills and the whole team, who we are very proud of and privileged to have riding for Pylon Skateboards.