50. M.A.R.S Skateboards

April 8, 2022
April 8, 2022 Will Mackie
  1. Welcome back to another Interview in our Comacan Questions area. This week we connected with some of our friends down east, while we haven’t personally met these friends yet, we recognize that Nova Scotia holds a special place in the hearts of Comacan and we are so glad to share the word of a company local to the province itself. Please enjoy this week’s interview with M.A.R.S Skateboards.

Where does the name Mars Skateboards come from? What does it mean?
It’s quite simple actually. It’s just my name. Michael Anthony Robinson’s Skateboards.

Where are you based out of?
We are a small independent company from Nova Scotia, Canada.

What products do you offer?
We offer almost everything you can think of that has to do with skateboarding. Decks, Wheels, Bearings, Hardware, Clothing, Flags. The list goes on 🤘😉.

Where can people view these products and contact you?
The first year basically exploded on social media. So, you can find us there and then you can be directed to our website www.marsskateboards.com where we will always have our updated stock on there.

What does skateboarding mean to you?
Skateboarding was my whole life growing up and into the present. It was always a way to express myself in a way that didn’t need rules or organization. You grab your board and hit the road. It’s beautiful, it’s freedom.

What is your favourite aspect of owning a skateboard brand?
Giving back to the younger generation. I came from a small Wasteland of a town with absolutely nothing to do or skate and if someone stoked you even a sticker back then it made your whole week. Being the one to put them stoke smiles on kids like myself back then means everything.

What are your future goals with M.A.R.S?
Mars is currently in Phase 2 of 3 in the big picture. Moving into phase 3 we have moved locations and will soon be building a huge ramp at the Headquarters for people to come and skate. The final part of Phase 3 will be getting all the proper machinery to start manufacturing our own boards and boards for other hand selected small companies like us if we dig their model.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
All of our supporters first, without you we would be nothing. We love you all. Brandon Crawford (Brother/Graphics) and the M.A.R.S SKATEBOARDS Team.