52. Requiem Skate Co.

April 22, 2022
April 22, 2022 Will Mackie

Welcome back to another week of Comacan Questions, were happy to share another set of questions with another guest. This week we spoke to some friends online whose name we have seen pop up over the years, it was nice to learn a little bit more and help spread the word on another Canadian skateboard brand. We hope everyone enjoys this week’s interview with Requiem Skate Co.

Why did you choose the name Requiem Skate Co?
It was unique and possibly looking back now a little too hard to pronounce. We (me and a friend) originally wanted something with a ring to it, and thought skulls were “cool” at the time (hence our logo) and thought requiem. Though the word requiem itself has religious connotations, our skateboard company doesn’t really reflect religion but skateboarding itself to us was “religious” in that we believed in skating for the fun of it and wanted to do it as much as possible.

Where are you based out of?
We are based out of Ontario, Canada.

What products do you make/sell?
We started as a skate clothing company, then made decks for a while until experiencing slight difficulties especially through the Covid lockdowns. Now we focus on griptape and clothing.

Where can people view these products?
We have a website: https://www.requiemskateboardco.com

Do you have a team?
Yes. A very small one that consists of: Joe Hicks (@joehicks119), Chester (@chester_sendit), Numpty Whale (@numptywhale1), and Mitch Fuller (@skinny.kevvv).

How can people contact Requiem?
We can be contacted either through Instagram DM (@requiemskateboardco) or by email: requiemskateboardco@gmail.com

What inspired you to start a skateboarding business?
It originally began as a two person company. Me and a buddy. We used to skate together a lot. We’d kinda joked about starting a brand and then before we knew it, we actually did hahahah. In many ways skateboarding saved our lives. Whenever there was a rough patch, skateboarding became our therapy. We wanted a way to give back to skateboarding so to speak for everything it has done to help us.

What does skateboarding mean to you?
Growing up skateboarding was always about “freedom”. Freedom of expression and a place/time where I could just be me. On my board I felt like I was in my own little world. I felt safe. I made many good friends through skating together both in the park and on the streets, and it made it that much more special.

How do you feel about working with local shops and companies?
We’ve worked with a few smaller brands and companies like ourselves in the past. It’s been fun and we’ve had the privilege of being a part of some great contests on Instagram. Generally, we’ve had a positive experience all around.

What is your favorite part of owning a business?
Meeting new people and being able to give something back to the skateboarding world/ community.

What is your dream with the business?
We are hoping to expand in future and perhaps get back to making decks again though that isn’t certain. To be honest Covid took a blow to our business like so many out there and we’re just hoping to get back on our feet again.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
The people who’ve supported us greatly and who continue to do so. But especially: Devon Legros (@moonlighter_photography), Tom preszcator (@thomasdavidpreszcator), North of Toronto (@north.of.toronto.shop).