56. Illusion Skateboards

May 20, 2022
May 20, 2022 Will Mackie

Welcome to another week of Comacan questions, hard to believe we are already at the midpoint of May. This week we spoke with some friends south of the border who have caught our attention online with some stunning graphics and unique givebacks. We were stoked to come across their profile online, stoked to learn a little more about them and now we are proud to share this week’s interview with them. Please enjoy this week’s interview with Illusion Skateboards.

Why did you choose the name Illusion Skateboards?
I was debating between a few names and illusion was high on the list. Mostly because I was already able to imagine multiple designs, I could do with the name illusion.

Where are you based out of?
One of the most popular cities in the world. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Where can people view available products?
We share everything on Instagram and our website is illusionboards.com

How can people contact you?
Anyone is more than welcome to DM us on Instagram or Message us on Facebook.

What inspired you to start a skateboard company?
I’ve been skateboarding my whole life and back in 2019 I was hit by a car while on my motorcycle. The injuries made it so I couldn’t skate the way I use to skate. But I wanted to stay part of the skateboarding world, so I started a board company.

What makes Illusion special?
Illusion might be a small name now, but we work every day to reach out and support the young crowd of skaters!
We do what we can to support everyone and never let any negativity spread into the world!

What does Skateboarding mean to you?
Skateboarding has always been the world to me. I grew up in a small house with lots of sibling and parents that weren’t there for us. Skateboarding was my outlet. It was my way to be stress free and forget anything bad that was going on in my life.

How do you give back within the skateboard community?
We love doing giveaways on Instagram. And we also offer a free board program for anyone to take advantage of. If anyone wants to, they can get 10 friends to buy a board and drop their name, and we will send that person a free board that they pick just for supporting the company!

Anyone you’d like to thank?
My fiancé more than anyone for always supporting my ideas no matter how crazy they seem.