63. Square One Skate Shop

July 8, 2022
July 8, 2022 Will Mackie

Welcome to this week’s Comacan Questions Interview, this week we are joined by the latest shop to pick up some Comacan Products. Opening their doors this year they have already made a big impact in their own community (and beyond). Were glad to spread the word about a shop that is the result of passion and hard work, please enjoy an interview with our guest this week, Square One Skate Shop.

Why did you pick the name Square One?
The name was originally The Crew, and it was actually going to be a brand/team.  Then after nights of brainstorming a friend suggested Square One Skate Crew and it stuck for a while.  It represented a lot of what I was dealing with personally but also how skateboarding begins.  From square one.  Then when I decided to start the shop, I wanted to name it to honour our crew of riders.

What is the address of your store front?
6 Jones St. E, St. Marys, Ontario.

Where can people view available products?
Our website shows what we have available for Decks and Wheels.  Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

How can people contact you?
Message me on social media or call 2264482252.

What inspired you to open a skate shop?
I was inspired to start the skate shop after spending time in lots of neighbouring towns skating.  I realized everyone I’d meet would have to travel up to an hour away to the closest shop.  I also have some of my fondest memories growing up spending time in skate shops.  I wanted to bring that same atmosphere to the local kids.

What makes Square One special?
I think what makes Square One special is our inclusion.  We are the farthest from being hipster or too cool in this shop.  I want everyone to feel like they are welcome here and at the residing skateparks.  This is a completely judgement free zone and I’m not going to just be nice to make a sale.  I try to make sure anyone who leaves, does so with what they came for or at least a smile.  Come hangout, watch some skating videos.  I want people to feel like they are welcome whether they buy something or not.

What does skateboarding mean to you personally?
Skateboarding personally saved my life last year.  If it wasn’t for putting the wood back under my feet, I’m not sure if we’d be having this interview right now.  I owe everything to skateboarding and it doesn’t owe me a damn thing.  That’s why I’m happy to get back up after every fall.  It’s taught me that and so many others.  It’s more than an activity or sport.  It’s a lifestyle.  The community and camaraderie that comes with the life lessons you earn are second to none.

What do Canadian brands mean to the store?
Canadian brands are an integral part of getting this shop more recognition amongst the diehard local supporters and shredders in the area.  I’d like to give other local people a chance to make a footprint in this industry.  We all do it because we love skateboarding!

What are your dreams with the shop?
My dream with this shop is to keep growing our local skate scene and eventually get to a point it has international recognition.  Eventually branch out into a brand like the original idea was.  I’d like Square One to be its own entity.  I.E, Square One Skateboards, Square One Wheels, Square One Skateshop.

Do you have a team?
I wouldn’t say I have a team, but I certainly have a crew of guys that always skate together and definitely have helped get footage and promote this shop.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
The town of St. Marys for believing in my vision.  I’d like to thank my parents for always supporting my crazy ideas.  Justin Brommer, Kyle Murray, Josh Blackler, Blake Fetter, Scott Layland. (I’m sure I’m forgetting some) These guys have supported me through thick and thin and I really couldn’t do it without them!