65. Rekindle Skateboards

July 22, 2022
July 22, 2022 Will Mackie

Welcome to another week of Comacan Questions, through our interviews we’ve always been fascinated to find out what inspires companies, brands, or people on an individual level. This week is a look at another board maker, who funny enough draws inspiration from our guests we spoke with last week. With creativity at its core, making boards by hand is such an authentic part of skateboarding culture. We are proud to share an interview with one of these very makers himself, Rory Cohen of Rekindle Skateboards.

Why did you choose the name Rekindle Skateboards?
Well, when I started making boards, I would pass them off to friends in the hopes of getting them skating again. To spark that love again. I just wanted to make people stoked to skate, so hopefully one of my shapes does that for someone.

What inspired you to start handcrafting skateboards?
I always wanted to be involved or give something to skating and somehow use my creativity to do so. Years ago, I had interviewed Daniel Creadon from Factory 13 skateboards about his handmade boards but didn’t think it was possible at home. Then I came across Frank Gardner who makes boards under the name Texican Skateboards and saw that he used Thin Air press bags. That seemed perfect and when I found Roarockit I knew I could do it.

How long have you been making skateboards?
I started messing around with the process of making boards about 3 years ago but am still tweaking my molds and my process.

Where do you make them?
I have a small space in my garage and usually do my painting and cutting outside in my yard if the weather is nice.

Do you make custom pieces?
If a person asks me, I will try to work with what they want. 99% of the time I just get an idea in my head and try to make that shape. I try to have fun with it and make something I would love to ride.

How can people contact you?
You can keep track of what I am working on through Instagram @rekindleboards my website rekindleboards.wixsite.com or just email me at rory180@hotmail.com

Where can people view available products?
My Instagram page or my website

What is your favorite part about the crafting process?
Honestly, I love the idea of putting something on paper and having it come to life. The fact that I put something out there and a person can get stoked on it amazes me. I just want people to skate and if they enjoy my boards, that’s such a great feeling.

Any advice to other makers out there?
Trial and error. Work through your issues and make sure you are happy with what you make. There are quite a few skateboard makers and maker groups who are happy to answer any questions. The skateboard maker community is actually extremely welcoming and open.

What does skateboarding mean to you?
Skateboarding has given me a creative outlet as well as lifelong friends. It has taught me how to connect with people, given me a way to focus and taught me how to persevere.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
I want to thank anyone who has taken the time to answer my many questions about board making. Also, anyone who has ever bought or taken a board made by me, bought something made by me or bought an issue of Neck Pain skate zine. Thanks to all of you.