67. Lite Rails

August 5, 2022
August 5, 2022 Will Mackie

Welcome to our first round of Comacan Questions for August of this year, this week we are joined by a different type of builder within the skateboarding community. This talented individual creates objects to skate and to improve upon existing features sometimes. A relatively newer company but one that has made a lasting impact within the skate scene already, we are proud to share this week’s interview with Lite Rails.

Click the Link Below for a video of a Lite Rail in Action

What is the inspiration for running a business making and selling rails?
A dream concept but truly came into fruition during the summer of 2020, when skateparks across the country were shut down by the federal government. Our custom rails have served a need for all types of skateboarders to pursue their hobby across the country while dealing with the pandemic.

Where does the name Lite Rails come from?
I grew up skating my friend’s heavy square flat bar. It sucked carrying it to the smooth school yard 2 blocks away lol. I learned welding to make the lightest durable rails possible. Lite rails are better than heavy rails haha.

Where can people view your products?
I’ve posted a lot of different rail designs on my insta feed. I try to constantly fabricate improvements every rail I make.

Do you make custom rails?
Yes I do. To order a custom rail email me the dimensions and custom colour-way literails93@gmail.com for a quote. Affordable shipping anywhere.

What does skateboarding mean for you?
Haha I’m 28 years old. I’m grateful to have found skateboarding when I was 8. Skateboarding has taught me so much. Truly blessed me in so many ways… I can’t express.  The peak of the quarantine pandemic I felt it was a must to offer custom rails for driveway sessions.

I didn’t expect anything in return. I gave away a lot of free rails for as long as I could. The positive response and support since then has been unreal. 

I’m just stoked to be involved.

Do you just make rails for skateboarding?
I’ve been making proper street handrails for 4 years before I started my business.

What is your dream with the business?
My dream is to install custom handrails someday legally for street spot events. And non-profit fundraising to pimp out small town skateparks with upgraded rails

We all know of a small town skatepark in need for improvement

Anyone you’d like to thank?
It’s all love and respect for everyone  🙏 .  

I’m always down to support when I can 💯