69. Truck Fck Video Magazine

August 19, 2022
August 19, 2022 Will Mackie

Welcome back to another round of Comacan Questions, this week we spoke with some more of our friends out in London, Ontario. This group has created and is using their platform to share photos and clips out of the London skateboard scene to highlight all the skills, spots and natural talent from around all parts of the scene. We’re proud to learn a little bit mmore and spread the word about this week’s guest Truck Fck Video Magazine.

What was your motivation for starting a skateboard mag?
I started a platform like this because I was always a fan of 411 and ON video, but I felt Canada and mainly my hometown London Ontario doesn’t get the eyes on it that I believe it deserves, London and Canada in general always has had creative rippers and interesting spots if you look hard enough.
I always wanted to film skating, I’d say I definitely view the world as a skater and through a fisheye lens. I’ve been in the hospital multiple times and faced the reaper and that really helps you focus on what you truly love and take for granted for me it was skating and filming, I just had the thought that skating and skate media was birthed through a D.I.Y mindset so I should just do it and see what happens even if it went nowhere I could still say I did it and look back at the memories.

Why did you choose the name TruckFck?
I choose the name TruckFCK because I really wanted to keep that raw and hesh part of the culture close to my heart, it just hits hard when you say it like a truck smacking someone’s face.
Here’s the list of other names I was thinking of.
Biff’d it

Do you sell any products?
We don’t sell merch yet, but I’d love to! I have some ideas and have been planning but I’m thinking of starting small with patches and stickers.

Where can people view your material?
People can check us out on our Instagram page for now, but I have a YouTube account made for the full length and throwaway edits in the future and eventually hope to just have a website up and running.

How do you share Skateboarding media?
I share skateboard media mostly by Instagram, but I still will buy zines that will never change, can’t beat something physical.

How do you get involved in the skateboarding community?
How I get involved with the skateboarding community is just love and support for everyone, sharing their events around, reposting clips and photos and a big thing I’m planning is partnering for events because ideas are always flowing and the more for the community to do the better, I’m grateful for our local shop LSC because they throw some really cool memorable events and that really has made our local community stronger. It’s all about showing love and having as much fun as possible.

What does skateboarding itself mean to you?
Now this is a tough question, what skating means to me is it’s one of the most useful tools to escape the drama of the world, nothing else matters when you’re rolling you finally get that break, it’s an art to express yourself but also a great way to stay fit and teach yourself to deal with failure and fear. Apply a skater’s motivation and mindset to anything else in life and you’ll be just fine. Skating truly is magic it’s like a time machine to childlike wonder and allows you to really enjoy the moment and the little things like a nice sunny day or making strong connections all from a “useless wooden toy.”

Any goals with the mag?
Our goals are just to keep being as true to the scene and community as we possibly can, we want to throw events to bring people together, make some full videos and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Anyone you’d Like to thank?
I’d like to thank you guys first of all for the chance to say all this and giving me a platform and I want to thank everyone who supports us and sends in footage and photos, London Skateboard Co-op for all they do for our local scene, all the homies for always stoking me up and helping film and take photos, all the musicians that let us use their tunes and honestly anyone that rides a board. Keep pushing, always.