74. Skate TF

September 23, 2022
September 23, 2022 Will Mackie

Welcome back to Comacan Questions, were proud to share another interview with yet another guest this week. This week we spoke with the owners of an establishment that allows users to hone their skills all year round. This establishment is that and much more but we will let them share that with you, please enjoy this week’s interview with Skate TF.

What inspired you to open an indoor park?
Long winters, and 5pm sunsets half the year are really tough on skaters in Windsor. It forces us to endure a long “off season” and is holding back the progression in the city. A typical skate session is a fun and engaging workout body, mind, and soul. Skate TF is here to help close this gap and give skaters a safe place to go to all year round!

Is Skate TF an indoor skatepark or more?
Skate TF is more than just a skate park, or gym. We offer public skate sessions, gym membership packages, we encourage riders young, old, all wheels and all genders to take advantage of our skateboard camps and group lesson offerings. But we also host community events like all ages rock shows, vendor events, and private parties. Located within Skate TF is our pro shop, Skate Temple. Skate Temple offers a large variety professional skateboard gear and everything you need to set up and maintain your equipment.

Why did you choose the name Skate TF?
TF stands for training facility. It’s somewhat of a common phrase in the skateboarding world. The gym membership approach was an early concept and Skateboarding Training Facility seemed appropriate! There’s a lot of inherent art and culture that comes with the skateboarding world, so we don’t see a need to compete with a trickier park name. Shorthand to Skate TF and it’s catchy and gets the point across.

Where are you located?
We’re located on 7-2491 Dougall Ave. in Windsor, Ontario

What are all the programs you offer?
We offer “Single Session” rates for drop in skaters. We have an “Unlimited Membership” which grants you unlimited access to the park at a monthly rate. We offer 1-on-1 training and a variety of group lesson plans. All wheels are welcome at Skate TF!

Where can people view available products?
The best place to keep up to date is our Instagram. All of our communication goes through Instagram. @skate_tf . In addition, we are on Google and Facebook.

What does skateboarding mean to Skate TF and its owners?
Skateboarding saves! Anyone who’s been in the game long enough knows there is more to discover than how many tricks you can land. There’s a feeling of freedom and focus when you’re riding. It becomes a shared experience when you see other skaters overcoming fear and pain to achieve their goals. We lift each other up and support each other. Being a part of this community defines us. Skate TF is all of us. We care about the wellness of everyone in the community and encouraging non-riders to join us at our all-ages concerts and community events see what we’re all about!

Anyone you’d like to thank?
We’d like to thank all the riders and community members who have offered such heartfelt support since March 2021. Our community supported us though covid related closures and even through an unexpected location change in early 2022. They’ve kept our spirits high as we work to establish ourselves in Windsor. Thank You!