78. Grand River Skate Shop

November 4, 2022
November 4, 2022 Will Mackie

Welcome back to another round of Comacan questions, this is our first round of questions for the month of November, and it just so happens we are joined by a new shop within our community. They’re the latest shop to pick up some Comacan gear and we are so thankful. Supplying the Haldimand County of Ontario and beyond, we are proud to share this week’s interview with Grand River Skate Shop.

Why did you choose the name Grand River?
Lots of cities and communities are established along the Grand River and it is often a large part of their identity. As such, this skate shop has a view of the Grand River and is only a short skate away from the iconic Grand River Bridge which is the only 9 span bridge in Canada. A point of pride for a lot of people from the area.

Where are you located?
Caledonia, Ontario. Specifically, we’re at 66 Sutherland St E. The shop is in an addition on my house with a separate driveway and entrance.

Where can people view available products?
You can see and order from our live inventory at www.grandriverskateshop.ca, you can also see our most recent deliveries before they’re on the site on our Instagram page @grandriverskateshop

What inspired you to open a Skateshop?
My friends and I all learned to skate in Caledonia. Lots of great spots to skate and hills to bomb long before we had a park. But we were over half an hour from a shop and none of us could drive. 20 years later and we have a huge skate community and an awesome park still no shop. I just happened to have an extra room and a spare driveway; I saw my opportunity.

What does skateboarding mean to you?
I started skateboarding when I was 8. Never picked up anything beyond an ollie and didn’t have a park nearby. But I was still on my board all day every day. I brought my board with me to school, I thought about skating all day in class. 22 years later and I still get excited riding my board down the street to get the mail. Skateboarding is the ultimate opportunity to challenge and express yourself.

How do you get involved in the community?
This summer the first annual Axtion Sports Jam took place in Caledonia. Grand River Skate Shop sponsored the Skateboard Division with some prizes. We saw some very talented skaters turn out; it was a lot of fun. We’re like 99% confirmed for an Axtion Sports Jam 2023 and I’ve learned a lot, we’re going bigger and better next year.

Do you have any dreams or big future plans for the shop?
Shop shirts! Bigger than that, I’d love to get a storefront in town eventually and an indoor mini ramp somewhere.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
My friends and family, my wife, all the skate companies and distros that have hooked up a no-name skater with a no-name shop. Everyone has been super supportive and helped me get this thing together way faster than I ever anticipated.  I wanted to open our doors in Spring 2023 and by mid October the paint was dry, and we had everything we needed to be considered a shop. This industry is pretty rad, and I’m beyond stoked to see what the future holds. Lastly, thank you Comacan for this opportunity.