81. OnlyOne Skateboards

November 25, 2022
November 25, 2022 Will Mackie
  1. Another Friday and another Comacan Questions interview, thanks for choosing to check it out! This week we spoke with a guest we’ve run into a few times over the years across various events in the southern Ontario Skateboarding community, and we’re proud to say they’re one of those brands that makes the local scene such a great place to be. Please enjoy this week’s interview with OnlyOne Skateboards.

Why did you choose the name Only One Skateboards?
The name originally was going to be one love skateboards, but only one made a lot more sense. It represents the only thing in life that keeps you on track to where you want/need to be. A little reminder that we all have something in life that keeps us going. For the brand, that’s skateboarding.

Where are you based out of?
Originally Toronto, Ontario.

What inspired you to start a skateboard business?
I have been skateboarding since I was 6. I went I school for business and worked in the industry most of my life and loved seeing how it all works. Getting my hands into the business side of things was a great experience to go through and getting to create something I love is even better.

What products do you offer?
Right now we only have hardgoods (decks) but are moving back into small selections of softgoods in time.


Where can people view these products?
1. Souldiers- Barrie and midland

2. Brockton Haunt- Toronto
3. Wild style skateshop – Belgium 🇧🇪
4. Driveway skateshop

and online at onlyoneskateboards.com!

What does skateboarding mean to you?
It’s everything. It’s influence, it’s a lifestyle, it’s direction, it’s a therapist, the list goes on!

What makes Only One Special?
Two things:

  1. It’s a reminder to everyone that we all have something that has kept on the right path in life (smart, music, skating, martial arts, etc) and that we need to cherish those times or activities because they made us who we are today.
  2. It’s about skateboarding. Skating with your homies, skating to skate. Ultimately, I wanted to make boards for the homies to ride. I’m sure skating has helped a lot of them out, too.

What does work with other skateboarding companies and artists mean to you?
Oh man, it’s everything! Getting to work with individuals who share the same passion is great especially when this is something they do that represents them as well. Working with Praise Headwear and Blotto Wheels was a great experience. OnlyOne has been able to work with many artists and will be forever grateful. Ruby Blaker (one of the OG OnlyOne members), Matthew Lauricella (@pigeonboy), Matt Thomas (@mattpaints) and Dylan Buijk (@dbuijk) all have had a part in helping the brand express itself. Ultimately, to me it’s a way to meet great people and create new memories.

Do you have any goals with Only One?
To be honest, nothing big. As long as I can continue to make boards, I will. It isn’t about the money, or getting noticed, it’s about supporting the right people on or off the board. OnlyOne will continue to do that as we grow.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
So many people…
1. The team – thank you for supporting the brand and riding the boards!
2. The homies that helped create/guide, from the beginning till now. You know who you are, and I thank you.
3. Other brands, events, or individuals who took a chance on the brand and chose to work with OnlyOne, thank you.
4. Most important, our customers. Thank you for helping to grow the brand outside of our crew in ways we wouldn’t be able to. I appreciate your support!
5. You guys! Thank you for being patient and letting me do this interview! Much love!