84. L’État Skateboards

December 16, 2022
December 16, 2022 Will Mackie

Welcome to another Comacan Questions Friday Interview, this week we are joined by some guests that we learned about through one of the local (and beyond) zines that we were lucky to be involved in, Skatanic Disciples. At the release party for issue 3, today’s guests had thrown in some products for prizes, it was our first time seeing them and from that point on we we’re interested in making this interview a reality. Please enjoy this week’s interview with L’État Skateboards.

What was the inspiration behind starting a skateboarding company?
I started to skate again in 2015 ending a 15-year hiatus. At that time I was skating Baitshop boards and when they stopped making boards in 2017, I got a manufacturer in Huntington Beach, CA to make a dozen decks for my personal use. I found making my own boards really accessible and so we never looked back. Our team grew from there, our offering increased and our presence on the ever-so-welcoming skate scene helped us flourish. On a side note, Baitshop are making boards again, and so we skate those as well.

Trophy Packer (2022) by Anton Gudim

Why did you choose the name L’État?
It is the short form of L’état C’est Nous (the state is us) which is the opposite of this Louis XIV quote: L’état c’est moi (the state is me).

Joshua Edwards by Pascal Paquette

Where are you based out of?
Seaton Village, Toronto.

Kai Hoecke (self-portrait)

What products do you offer?
We mainly offer skateboard decks and garments but also sell skateboard components we love and use ourselves, ie: Thunder trucks, Bones and Spitfire wheels, Bones and Bronson bearings, etc.

Chantal Garcia by Rebecca Tisdale

Where can people keep up with L’État?
On our IG: @letatskateboards and our site: letat.bigcartel.com

Brandon Murray by Pascal Paquette

What does skateboarding mean to you?
Practically everything. It’s been a part of my identity all my life. It made me love cities and taught me to take advantage of the built environment. As a young person, it gave me confidence to be by myself and figure things out by myself. We love skateboarding.

Felix by Brandon Ing and OG Logo Repeat (2020)

Any goals for 2023?
We finally have a pretty standard year planned, new boards for the spring, new garments for the early summer and new boards in the late summer.

Devan Predas by Chantal Garcia

Anyone you’d like to thank?
Yes, our team alumni: Maddy Balt, Patrick Dysart and Ben St Aubin.

Our current team: Joshua Edwards, Chris Foley, Josh Forgues, Brandon Foster, Chantal Garcia, Kai Hoecke, Dillyn Horne, Everett MacLean, Brandon Murray, Devan Predas and Adrian Ramos.

Thank you to Baitshop, Brockton Haunt, BTL, Hammer, Queer Skate Toronto, Ultimate, Grand Trading, Supra, Centre and Skateloft.