94. Blackbelt Machete Skateboards

March 24, 2023
March 24, 2023 Will Mackie

Welcome back to this week’s round of Comacan Questions, this week we are joined by some friends on the other coast, the east coast! We found them through seeing their stickers around the skateparks around their province. We are proud to share a short and sweet interview with Blackbelt Machete Skateboards.

What is Blackbelt Machete?
Blackbelt Machete is a skateboarding company out of Nova Scotia Canada

Why did you choose the name Blackbelt Machete?
I just put words together that I haven’t heard together before haha something with an edge

Do you have a team?
We have a skate team, yes.
@jxy.austin, @scotttanderson, @turbo_treby, @skater_of_the_east, @jacob_titus_, @nickoftime666 and @austin_wong_

What products do you sell?
We sell skateboards and clothing

Where can people view available products?
People can see our product and team riders on our instagram and fb pages

What does skateboarding mean to you?
Skateboarding has and is a huge part of my life since the late 80s

Anyone you’d like to thank?
Thanks to all the friends and skaters who supported over the last 15 years and skate shops!!!!