96. Your Griptape

April 8, 2023
April 8, 2023 Will Mackie

Welcome to this week’s Comacan Question’s Interview, this week we are joined by a guest we had the pleasure of having a booth beside at a competition/park opening ceremony. We chatted quite a bit and we got to admire the grand skateable artwork that our guest makes. Since that time the name may have changed for his passion project but the love remains the same. Please enjoy this week’s interview with Your Griptape.

What inspired you to start creating Griptape art?
It’s more of a who than a what kinda story. I had just gotten into stencils, but was working with canvas. I had done a stencil done up but didn’t know what to do with it, it didn’t fit what I was going for but I Ilked the image so I didn’t scrap it. A homie came to visit and go skating. he had a fresh deck to setup though, he saw the stencil and asked it id try and put it on his grip. It worked really well and I guess you could say the rest is history..

Why do you go by the name Sauve?
Well since the last time we caught up I have decided to go with a different name more suiting for this venture and I’d like to introduce YOUR (YOUR Grip). The reason for the change being I wanted something that aligned better with what I’m trying to do. YOUR isn’t reinventing grip tape, but creating options that allow you to standout and Make it Yours.

Where can people view available Griptape?
Currently Season 2 is in the works and will be coming early next month. As for existing stock. there are a few items left from last season and they can be found on my Instagram @tdotsauve for the time being. Also in development for this season Is a separate sociall media page and store to simplify the process.

Do you sell any other products?
This season we’re stoked to be offering a few new products to accent our grip tape releases. Keeping with the theme of things you grip, we’ll be selling Beer coozies, Yeti grips and holsters. phone grips & cases and some merch / accessories like pen or pencil grips. stickers. t-shirts etc..

What is the creative process like for you?
I like to create series of subjects. One offs are okay but I find a set of 3 or more, in a similar subject builds volume and options quicker while keeping some familiarity. Last season we did a set of skulls, a series of 8-bit inspired designs, few different style roses, you get the point… Once I have my subject matter, the process starts in photoshop where create a multi-layer stencil of the images. From there I print the layers separate and begin the fun of hand cutting each one with a exacto knife out of heavy ibs paper. Then its just a matter of lining up and spraying the layers onto grip tape with artist grade spraypaint. At time it can be tedious but it is always therapeutic.

What does skateboarding mean to you?
To me skateboarding has always been a means of creativity and expression. A way to hang with my friends or make new ones, through a shared passion that we can each standout as individuals. Its an artform.

Do you create custom grip commissions?
I do. Last year for example we had the privilege of creating branded grips for Girt Skate Szn and for the homies at Driveway Skateshop. Also working with them during their summer camp to create custom grip options for the kids. I’m really looking forward to the many projects lined up for this season and we’re always open to taking commissions. Feel free to reach out via our Instagram page (@tdotsauve)

Anyone you’d Iike to thank?
For sure! First my good friend, mentor and fellow artist Brian Porter who you can check out @PortertheArtist on IG. He was a direct influence into exploring stencil art and none of this would be without him, seriously go check him out. Second my best mate Ry. he’s always pushed me and believed in me since day 1. Love ya bro. Third, Jessup grip for giving me a canvas so to speak haha.

Last but certainly not least, you for the opportunity to share my story a bit. One love!
Hope to catch you all at a local skatepark this summer.

Peace, Suave