98. Lazer Distribution

April 21, 2023
April 21, 2023 Will Mackie

Welcome back to another round of Comacan Questions, this week we are joined by a guest we have seen through Instagram and wanted to learn more ourselves. So, we thought why not ask the questions, learn ourselves and spread the word about a Canadian distribution? With that being we’re proud to share this week’s interview with Lazer Distribution.

What is Lazer Distribution?
Lazer Distribution is Skater-owned and operated Canadian Skate distribution in Vancouver.

It was founded on the ideology of helping, sharing, and giving back to the skate community in Canada. We love skating, we pride ourselves on contributing to the core skate market, and the goal is to bring a unique touch of authenticity to the industry.

Why did you choose the name Lazer?
This goes back a few years at my local indoor park in Victoriaville, Québec. I forgot how we ended up at this point but my friend and I were talking about what power would you choose if you’d be a superhero. I was like, I would probably go with something related to water, nothing beats water. Then my friend being a Marvel/Pokemon fiend was like, Bro you’re so wrong, nothing beats Laser. Lasers are the most powerful and he went on for like 5-10 minutes explaining why. I remembered laughing so hard at his explanation that I changed my Instagram handle to lazer.unicorn that night.

When I started Lazer, it was the first name that came to mind and was a no-brainer. All thanks to a dumb homie discussion on a skate sesh haha.

What was the inspiration behind opening a distribution?
I honestly never thought I would start a project like this. All thanks due to my buddy Rubén, owner of Blurs Bearings in Prague. We have worked together in the past, as the manager/buyer of my local skate shop, I carried Blurs and did very well with the brand. Since then, we always kept in touch and 2 years ago, Rubén told me if I’d like to be his Canadian distributor, he was down. This conversation with him sparked the whole idea of starting my own distro. I feel like nowadays, everyone starts their own companies, either for boards, clothing or both. Deep down inside, I always knew I would start something of my own someday, but I didn’t want to start ”another” brand amongst all others. That being said, the idea of starting a distro was something that was very exciting to me. I was not starting a board company, I was gonna start a business that would help companies get their shine in Canada and help shops as well to have access to some brands they might have been looking for a while to get in their store. The idea of helping shops and brands is what drives me.

What brands does Lazer carry?
As of now, Lazer Dist carries 5 brands.
Limosine, Bronze56k, Blurs Bearings, Frosted Skateboards and Pâle Skateboards.

What does skateboarding mean to you personally?
Skateboarding to me means friendships, unity, oneness, travelling, and open-mindedness.
It means getting up when you fall and supporting the one next to you, no matter their age, colour, race or sex. It means mental battles for clips & tricks, meditation, therapy, and being hyped for homies. It means going on trips, visiting places, meeting people, sleeping on their floors or couches and creating unique bonds. Skateboarding saves lives man.

How can shops contact Lazer?
Shops can email me at jonathan@lazerdist.com
They can hit me up on Instagram if they want to, @lazer.dist

They can always give me a call at 819-740-0595
The Lazer Dist B2B is coming real soon for all shops as well as the Lazer Dist website that will include a minimart. You will be able to find skate DVDs, VHS, collectibles and many more gems on the minimart which will be for everyone!

What makes Lazer special?
The care we bring to everything we touch is what makes Lazer special. The mission is to bring the best quality products to our retailers and end consumers. Besides products, assuring the best customer service a shop can ask for is a must. I am also out there skating parks and talking with everyone. If I’m not at the park, I’m in the streets filming homies for the Lazer Dist promo video. And when I’m off the board, I’m on the grind building and growing Lazer Dist. Wanting to bring more to the table than just being a distro makes Lazer unique.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
My mom, first and always. My girlfriend Sara. Kathy Dusseault, Marco and Wes.
Aaron Loreth at Limo, Billy at Bronze, Rubén at Blurs, Jérémy at Frosted, Claudia and Laurence at Pâle.
All the homies that have been down with Lazer since day one. Reis B, Tom Nelner, Hasumi iida, Eric P, Cory, Tito,  Vincent Métivier at Lewis Café, Benjamin Raymond at Comédie, Phillippe Moreau, and all of them.
Most importantly, all shops across Canada that are supporting Lazer. Every order, small or big, warms my heart every time and I appreciate you all so much for making this vision becoming reality.
I love you all and am beyond thankful and grateful for all your support, from the bottom of my heart,
Thank you!