About CoMaCan Skateboards

We are a collective focused on making skateboarding accessible and fun for everyone.

What Makes Comacan Different?

We are a collective focused brand that is committed to providing the highest quality skateboards and apparel at affordable prices while still keeping skateboarding fun and accessible for everyone.

We have a strong belief that skateboarding is a very positive force in people’s lives that promotes healthy exercise, instills great values, and encourages growth. Along with our beliefs about what skateboarding does on an individual level we also believe that skateboarding has such an incredible and supportive community, a community that promotes change and improvement in every facet of its existence.

As a part of this community, we believe that supporting one another is very important and also allows for some of the most creative products and events to come to life. With this being said we believe that growing this community and working towards the betterment of the community is on all of us.

As we strive to provide the best products possible, we work towards being one of the most engaged brands in the business, listening to customer feedback, involving skaters and non-skaters in our design process, and pushing positive change whenever we can.

What are we plugged into doing?

Community engagement is crucial to CoMaCan Skateboards and as part of that, we are very fortunate to work with some amazing skate shops and other brands in the business.

Along with the shops and brands we’ve worked with we have also been very fortunate to work alongside some amazing people in bringing some contests to life such as Waterdown Ribfest Skatejam, Beasley Skatepark’s annual competition, Skate4thebrain’s Virtual Contest in 2020 and so many other great local events.

Working with shops, artists, creators, and many other talented people is something that has benefitted us all, we look forward to more opportunities in the future.


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The CoMaCan Team

Will and Scot make the CoMaCan Skateboard world go round.

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