11. Cheryl and Ryker Iggulden – BonezCrew Skate Co. Inc.

June 25, 2021
June 25, 2021 Will Mackie

Here we are for another round of Comacan questions, this week talking to the first out of province shop to carry our gear. This unique mother and son team run one of the most Canadian inclusive shops around, supporting brands local to British Colombia and Canadian brands all across the country. BonezCrew hustles hard to spread the word and stoke about brands frequently sharing posts from local brands and other Canadian skater owned skate shops. With their beginning during the pandemic, they have never shied away from working hard to keep skaters supplied, taking every chance to work with local businesses and creators to learn and grow with every day they face. We are beyond stoked to have our product reach the west coast, through BonezCrew we have the opportunity to reach more skaters through their local scene and we couldn’t be prouder to see our boards reach more and more people all over this beautiful country. Without any further delay, we are proud to share our interview with a shop we’ve had the chance to work with from the ground up, here is Cheryl and Ryker owners of BonezCrew Skate Co. Inc.

1. What is BonezCrew?
We are a new Skater owned and family run Skateboard only shop in a small town in the East Kootenays of BC.

2. What is your motivation behind running a shop?
My passion for skateboarding started with the moment I was given my first deck at 8 years old. Ever since then I had dreams of having my own shop and having a cool place where my friends and others from the community could come hang out and get quality gear and rad decks. Living in a small town with limited selection and always having to go online or into the bigger cities to get stuff was frustrating, especially when I needed something replaced right now. So, I was given the opportunity last September to actually make this dream a reality and with Covid and not being in school, I knew that this was my time.

3. How is BonezCrew special?
We carry only Skateboards and Skateboard related products that cater to the Skateboard community and those that like the skater style. We carry a lot of products that are sustainably made and give back to the environment, and we are always trying to source unique brands and artisan made products from recycled skateboards. We have a “GIVE BACK” program, bring in an old deck broken or not and get a 10% discount so we can donate them to the artists for their creations.

4. You carry a ton of Canadian and small brands, why is that?
When we decided to take the plunge and open this shop during the Pandemic, we wanted to set ourselves apart from everyone else and give back to our Canadian Skater community. Especially during this time, we wanted to help support other Canadian shops and brands across Canada and bring awareness of those brand in our area.

5. How does BonezCrew give back to the community?
Because we are still so new, we want to always give back to the community as I know my shop is a Platform to give back to the community that has given me so much personally. We are currently in the process of donating and sponsoring a lessons program with a local community center to help kids that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a program. I have always been there to offer my knowledge and experience as well as to pass on my love of the sport to the younger kids.

6. What is your greatest strength as a shop?
We are just a skateboard shop nothing fancy, supplying the skater community with everything they need. This shop is my passion and love of the sport, it’s not just a business I opened to make money, skating is my life.

7. What is your dream with the shop?
My goal / dream was always to have a shop where the skater community could come together and shop, browse and hangout and share our passion for the sport.

8. What does skateboarding mean to you?
From the first time I walked into a park as a young kid, I knew this was my “thing”. Without skateboarding I wouldn’t be who I am today. Skateboarding instilled in me at an early age that with determination and commitment, I can achieve anything and gave me some of the best friends I’ll ever have for life.

9. Anyone you’d like to thank?
So many!

First off, my Mom, without her support for my dream of this shop and passion for Skateboarding this wouldn’t have been possible.
Will M. at Comacan Skateboards for being the first supplier to open their door to us and helped guide us with his experience and knowledge to get our shop off the ground.
Dennis at Platform Distribution for giving us a chance and being the first distributor to give us a chance when no one else would.
To all the Canadian Brands that came next: The Local, Madn3ss Wheels, Progression Skateboard Co., 66 Thieves, ERA One Footwear, Solar Squid Skateboards, PB Restoration, Monke Skateboards and Cariuma Shoes. We wouldn’t have a shop without your generosity of allowing us to feature your brands. So, thank you to everyone that believed in us!