Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce CoMaCan?

CoMaCan is Pronounced Co-Ma-Can.

Does CoMaCan Sponsor?

Our Beliefs are rooted in supporting all skateboarders, we are happy to share posts from skaters of all skill levels. We operate as a collective where every supporter is a member of the Comacan community, with that being said we do also have a small group of selected individuals that represent the community in a positive manner and skateboard for the love of doing so.

What does CoMaCan Mean?

CoMaCan is a collective of skateboarders that stands for inclusiveness, collaboration and artistic freedom of expression for everyone.

How do we get engaged in the community?

We actively support local fellow businesses and artists, sponsor events, and embrace the opportunity to work with any artist/local business alike.

How do we work with fellow makers?

As part of our commitment to working with local and businesses’ we strive to create the best products, we know that in doing so some of the best products come from our own local scene. The creativity and talent among local businesses and artists is astounding and embracing that and incorporating it into our products has made some of the highest quality products and most creative drops with one goal in mind, quality is key.

How can I get my online order?

– Curbside pickup is available
– Local delivery is available in the Niagara region, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Halton Hills and The Greater Toronto Area for a small fee.
– We can ship it to your Local skate shop by request.
– We are able to ship to your address of choice.

What are my payment options?

– Curbside pickup and local delivery orders can be paid in person, via e-transfer to or through PayPal. Contact us to make arrangements.
– You can pay by PayPal or using your credit card when you shop directly online.

What does shipping cost?

Domestic shipping rates are fixed at $20 for the first board and $5 for each additional board. Please contact us regarding local pick up in the Southern Ontario region before ordering, we love to meet our supporters and will hand-deliver the boards to save you even more!

For a quote on international shipping please contact us before placing your order.

What is CoMaCan Skateboards?

CoMaCan is our love for skateboarding personified. It’s our way of trying new things within the world of skateboarding, our way of giving back and putting out top-notch products that we stand behind. CoMaCan really is all about the love, we love community involvement, meeting/working with local artists and other companies as well as promoting positive growth within the skateboarding community as a whole.

What sparked you to start your own company?

Beyond wanting to show our love for skateboarding in a different way and create some products with our own twist on them, we were inspired by a friend of ours in the states. He built a community-focused collective skateboard company and made everyone feel included. He was huge in connecting us with some of the nicest people and was a critical part advising us as we got going.

What Happens if I'm not satisfied with a product?

Board Defect? Clothing doesn’t fit? These things happen, feel free to contact us directly and we will handle concerns individually and directly.


The CoMaCan Team

Will and Scot make the CoMaCan Skateboard world go round.

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Scott Cameron

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