12. Fay DeFazio Ebert

July 2, 2021
July 2, 2021 Will Mackie

Welcome to this week’s Comacan questions, this week rather than focusing on a brand, were focussing specifically on one skater in particular. As skateboarding has continued to grow, we’ve seen some of the gnarliest tricks and unparalleled commitment come from younger and younger skaters. This is exactly what holds true when speaking of Fay, on a board for only three years she is an absolute machine of determination and commitment on a board, along with her mom she is one of the friendliest people around the park. We are beyond excited to share this spotlight issue of Comacan Questions with Canadian Amateur skateboarder Fay DeFazio Ebert.

1. How did you get into skateboarding?
My parents took me to an Impact Skate Club group lesson to try it out, and I haven’t stopped skating since that day!

2. How long have you been skateboarding?
I’ve been skateboarding for 3 years.

3. Who are your current sponsors?
Sponsors/Ride for: Zero Skateboards, Flow from Vans, CJ’s Skatepark and Wolf Griptape.

4. What is your favorite trick?
My favourite trick right now is a nose grind.

5. What does skateboarding mean to you?
Skateboarding – I love everything about it. Making friends, having fun and learning tricks. It feels like a big family.

6. Do you prefer street or park?
Both! Depends on my mood!

7. What is your favorite skateboarding memory?
Every time I skate it’s a great memory!

8. What parks do you like the most?
I love my local East York Skatepark and Poods in California.

9. What was it like skating in the Dew tour?
Skating in Dew Tour was a bit stressful, but it was mostly fun and super exciting. I loved skating with people from all around the world!

10. Any words from mom on Fay’s Skating?
There’s a lot of things she say and things she feels that are pretty inspiring. I think what makes me most proud of her is that she skates for herself and on one else. For Fay, it’s not about being better than anyone, just being better for herself.

11. Anyone you’d like to thank?
I would love to thank everyone who has skated with me, and my friends and family. Big thanks to Jamie Thomas, CJ’s Skatepark and Impact Skate Club for all of the support.