13. Jordan Bandula – Wolf Griptape

July 9, 2021
July 9, 2021 Will Mackie

1. Where does the name come from?
The name came from just living up north and always wanting to be close to nature. Whenever I thought of “Northern country” I would think wolves, fishing, moose, big trees a cool rock. Growing up living in the south anytime I went camping or to a cottage it was always a nice treat.

2. How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 2016.

3. Where do you operate out of?
We have been operating out of Orillia and Oro Station, Ontario, Canada.

4. Do you have a team?
Yes! We do have a team as of right now we are currently sponsoring Adrian Czuba, Fay Ebert, Christoper Setinas , Tim Huydma and P-Town philly.

5. Where can people view your products?
You can view our products on Instagram and www.wolfgriptape.com Plus you can shop for them at Souliders Orillia, Souliders Barrie and Souliders Midland.

6. What does skateboarding mean to you?
Skateboarding to me is all about freedom and just being together with your friends and just going with the flow and doing your thing. At the end of the day it’s you and your board! With those two things you can do anything. Everything you look at! your always trying figure out how to skate it or how can you build something like it to have pure enjoyment.

7. What makes Wolf Griptape special?
Wolf grip is special because I feel it brings everyone together like a pack! They can share their story on how they got it or where they got their grip.

8. Are you involved with any other projects?
Right now for projects, we are just wrapping up two video parts with our riders! Plus doing our best to create content for viewers. The two video parts that will be coming out! Will be edited by my good homie Mike Temos@pushfast! Big shout to him and everything he does! Love that guy!

9. How do you feel about working with local companies and skateshops?
We would love to work with more local companies and shops. The best energy comes from you guys who have questions or would like to get involved. We love helping out with contests and getting people stoked to skate and or see the little kids faces lit 🔥 right up when you hand out a free slice of grip or sticker. Ontario has a big skate scene, and it would be amazing to see everybody come together more often. There’s a lot of talent out there and going to a local Skateshop event in Toronto, London or Hamilton! Well, that gets me fired up baby! Yeahhhh lol.

10. Anyone you’d like to thank?
I’d like to thank you for asking Wolf grip to do this interview! All the friends and family who have helped bring the brand to life. I’d like to give a big thank you to Aaron Barton and Dan Bokma at Souliders skate shop. The team and filmers. Anyone an everyone who has bought or sold our gear! Thank you 🙏 we truly appreciate it.✌️

Jordan Bandula