6. Lonnie Morris – Laser Lonnie

May 21, 2021
May 21, 2021 Will Mackie

Welcome back to another “Comacan Questions” interview. The world of skateboarding is inherently tied to the world of art, creation and creativity in every facet of its being. All the tricks, styles and ways of expression are unique to each individual in their own way. With all this creativity in mind we thought about Hamilton’s local art scene and we just knew that we had to ask Laser Lonnie some questions. We’ve been lucky enough to work with Lonnie on some custom pieces for ourselves and we wanted to share a little more about who and what Laser Lonnie is. We are beyond excited to share our interview with creator, skater and all around great guy Lonnie.

1. What is Laser Lonnie?
Laser Lonnie is a showcase of my eclectic collection of laser art, design and
leathercraft handcrafted by me for the simple love and infinite interest of art, creation and imagination.

2. How long have you done laser work?
I’ve been doing laser work for only about 6yrs now. But have been involved in painting, art, design and creating stuff most of my life.

3. How did you get into laser work?
Actually, I got into lasers out of boredom. I was looking for a project to do after just building my own stand-up paddleboard and was looking at DIY laser kits so decided to build one as a hobby and ended up loving it so much and was making more art than I was able to give away, and so at that point decided to open up shop.

4. Where can people view/shop for your products?
For now (new website coming soon) My work can be viewed on Instagram or Facebook. Also, I’m an avid old-school skateboarder of 25+ years and have developed a CBD salve and soap that aids in healing and helps relieve pain and inflammation from dreaded injuries, check it out on Instagram, my page is @raddadcbd message me for orders.

5. Do you make custom pieces?
I do custom pieces and love to collaborate with people and local businesses to bring a shared idea become a reality. I have made and customized everything from skateboards to fish bonkers. Message me thru Instagram or Facebook or email artfullthinking@gmail.com to discuss custom work.

6. What other products/services do you offer?
If anyone would like to see my work in person starting new most weekends this summer (weather permitting) I will be having an outdoor popup art shop at my house just off Beach Blvd. At 1 towers Drive in Hamilton, Ontario. Come on by and say hi (please note all social distancing guidelines will apply) thank you, Hope to see you there.