14. Mitch Peterson – Wiener dog Skateboards

July 16, 2021
July 16, 2021 Will Mackie

Welcome back to Comacan Questions, this week we’re talking with some of our friends on the Eastern side of Canada. One of our newest contacts in Canadian Skateboarding making their debut in 2020 they have already successfully made their mark in many shops in Canada and beyond. A catchy unique name, quality goods and a friendly owner who love the Canadian skate scene for all it is, we are proud to share this weeks interview with Mitch Peterson, Owner of Wiener Dog Skateboards.

1. Where does the name Wiener Dog Skateboards come from?
I get asked this all the time, I had a dachshund growing up named Otis, he was rad. When I started messing around with graphics before starting the business, it was the first thing that popped into my head. I remember discussing with my business partner about changing the name, because it was quirky and weird, but for some reason it just stuck and I’m glad we didn’t change it! We have this secondary market of people that own Wiener Dogs , so it’s pretty cool to see people people embrace the brand outside of skateboarding as well.

2. When did you start?
Just over a year ago we got our first ever boards made! We only ordered 4 to just have as a cool wall hanger, it turned into much more very quick.

3. What makes Wiener Dog Skateboards special?
My goal with Wiener Dog was to make something fun/exciting but suitable for all ages, I think skateboarding is for everyone, so we try to keep a fun, but family friendly aspect to everything. We have a weird name and we embrace it for what it is!

4. What kind of products do you offer?
We offer decks, wheels, grip and a variety of soft goods! Oh and air fresheners lol.

5. Where can people view these products?
You can find our products on our Instagram: @wienerdog_skateboards and our website www.wienerdogskateboards.com

6. How do you feel about working with local companies?
We partner with local businesses and skateshops all across Canada, just this month we launched an outlet location in our hometown of Fredericton, NB with our friends at 7th House tattoo. We love supporting small business, wherever it is in Canada.

7. How many shops are you in across Canada and the US?
I’ve actually lost count! We are distributed nationally in the USA through Texture, so I’m pretty hands off when it comes to sales outside of Canada, but combined I’d estimate 60ish retailers in North America, we’re also in Japan too!

8. Do you have a team?
We do, and we’ve been low-key about it for a long time but that’s about to change. Nate Truss is a true homie from Edmonton, where we started out, he’s been with us really from the beginning. Also in Edmonton on flow are Bobby “Lucky” Harry , Chris Henschell and @grasspiss . In Vancouver we have this sick grom named Carter McMahon , he rips. Our latest team rider is actually in Florida, Terry Kraus, we will actually be meeting up in Colorado in a few weeks, I’m stoked to skate with him in person.

9. What’s your dream with the buisness?
This has already been a dream and a half, I never imagined things would have turned out like this, I don’t take it for granted because skateboarding is not an easy market to be in, but it has been the best year in my life to date! Going forward we cannot wait to share our next line of graphics, and also share more info about our team and who is behind the scenes.

10. Anyone you’d like to thank?
Thank you for the interview! I think what Comacan is doing is super unique, it’s nice to see us next to all these core Canadian brands. A big shout out to all my pals who carry us in their shop, I’ve sure made some great friends along the way. Special thanks to Texture in the states and Freedom Dist in Japan for bringing our vision internationally. And lastly thanks to everyone who has supported us over the year!