5. Sasha Senior – Bliss Skateshop

May 14, 2021
May 14, 2021 Will Mackie

Welcome back to our fifth installment of “Comacan Questions:”. We took some time with a very special guest and learned a little more about what they do and why they do it. Community involvement is a huge part of skateboarding, it has brought together some of the greatest stories, experiences and skateparks for all of us to enjoy. This community involvement betters everyone involved in it and there is no one that does it quite like our guest today, launching a build-a-board program to help get boards to those that can’t afford them, supporting skaters local and internationally and being one of the friendliest names in the game, here is Sasha Senior, Owner of Bliss Skateshop in Windsor, Ontario.

1. Where does the name Bliss Skateshop come from?

My good friend in Jamaica, Mario Notice, came up with it. He is one of the notable skaters on the island that helped bring up the skate scene.

2. What makes Bliss special?

I tell a lot of people that Bliss is a unicorn. The shop is black owned, skater operated, and owned by a woman…me 😅. That in itself brings people in from all over. We’ve had a lot of community support and have been able to assist communities from many parts of the world because of it. Having Bliss has brought Bliss to Windsor I’d say. We have definitely sparked change.

3. What does skateboarding mean to you?

Self expression. Freedom. Community. Dedication. Self confidence.

4. How has the Pandemic changed the way you operate?

The business has become very online based. Which makes it difficult to interact with people. But in a good way it’s forced me to learn about the other aspects of business.

5. What is your greatest strength as a shop?

The skate community, Here in Windsor but also from all over. It’s great to see our shop tees in Different states. And to have shipped to Japan, Barbados, jamaica, Uganda. The support all over is lit.

6. What are your thoughts on working with other local companies?

I think collaborations are always fun as long as it serves a positive purpose, Everybody wins.

7. Do you have team riders?

We do! Our team has been doing a great job representing Bliss and helping in the shop as well. We will be changing things up this year so more to come on that. I’m very excited about it.

8. What is your inspiration behind running a shop?

My inspiration to was that I didn’t want to not try it. I didn’t want to pass on the opportunity of trying it. That’s the main reason. That was the spark. But what keeps it going it the love and genuine appreciation for it. I’m blessed to have such a large community of support.

9. What are your goals for the future?

The goal is to expand the business. Also to provide lessons and continue to help skate communities from all over.

10.Anyone you’d like to thank?

Everyone that supports the shop with a pure heart. That for real has been the best. Because I could have done that without any of those people. So thank you to all our followers. And everyone that has helps make Bliss what it is and what it is meant to be. I appreciate you all.