8. Tom Preszcator – Canadian Skateboard Chronicles

June 4, 2021
June 4, 2021 Will Mackie

Welcome back to Comacan Questions, this week we interviewed a skater that focusses on a different side of skateboarding. This side of skateboarding brings it back to its roots, to its creative foundation. Tom Preszcator focuses on freestyle and curb skating, not only for his enjoyment but also highlighting these styles online and sharing them with the community. Tom Started with the Curb files, then started the Canadian Skateboard Chronicles to continue sharing great Canadian Skateboarding content. While continuing to do this he has also started a few other ventures to share with the everyone. For all that and more, please enjoy our interview with Tom Preszcator, skater, creator and owner of The Canadian Skateboard Chronicles.

1. What are the Canadian Skateboard Chronicles?
The “Canadian skateboard chronicles” is an Instagram page showcasing all levels of skateboarding from beginners to pro. We also showcase brands and try to help grow the Canadian skateboard scene anyway we can.

2. What does Canadian skateboard chronicles do?
We share any Canadian skateboarding clips or videos, as well as highlighting Canadian brands.

3. Where do you operate out of?
Currently I am in Stratford, Ontario.

4. What kind of projects/content do you share and work with?
I try to get in on as many fun things as I can for the scene. Currently I am working on a top 3 placed best trick contest starting on Go Skateboarding Day (June 21st) and will go for 3 weeks.

5. How can people get involved?
People can direct message me or tag the Canadian Skateboard Chronicles Instagram page with what you want posted, everyone is welcome.

6. I’ve seen your name attached to other projects, what other projects are you involved in?
I originally ran the Curb Files, but I decided to leave when me and the other owner involved were butting heads a bit with ideas. Then I decided to start up the Canadian Skateboard Chronicles about a month after my departure from Curb Files. My goal was to just showcase the great Canadian skateboarding scene across Canada because we never get enough love and there so much great skateboarding happening and great local scenes all throughout Canadian communities. As well, I run a live interview page called the skaters showcase where I interview skaters and brands. I also just started my own skate team called the curb brigade.

7. Do you sell products with your other businesses?
Right now, I sell stickers from time-to-time. I hope down the road for t-shirts and skateboards.

8. What is your dream with the Canadian Skateboard Chronicles?
To keep it going long as I can and turn it into a full-time business one day. I also want to just keep showcasing Canadian skateboarding best I can.

9. What does skateboarding mean to you?
Skateboarding to me means a ton no matter how bad of a day it is, when you step on the board it takes all that negativity away. Skateboarding teaches you to never give up on yourself.

10. What is your favorite thing about being involved in all these skateboarding businesses?
I like all the interactions with all these great people. As well, I enjoy just seeing amazing skateboarding going down.

11. What is your plan with your other businesses?
I plan to grow them; I also plan to make merch and skateboards as well. I plan to output out some rad videos and give back to community as much as possible.

12. Anyone you’d like to thank?
I’d like to thank everyone who shares clips to the page and all my sponsors for keeping me going on the board.
Feel free to check out canadianskateboardchronicles , theskatersshowcase and thecurbbrigade