1. Trevor Donegan – Ride Skateshop

April 13, 2021
April 13, 2021 Will Mackie

Hello Everyone and welcome to our first “Comacan Questions:” Interview! From time to time, we are going to chat with local creators, artists, small business owners, and skate shops to learn a bit more about what drives them to do what they do. For our very first interview, we wanted to start with a very well-known skater in both the Hamilton and Niagara regions as well as one of our longest supporters, who now owns his own start-up Skateshop right here in Niagara. Today we’re talking to the man behind the Lincoln skatepark fundraising efforts, the Owner of Ride Skateshop in Lincoln, Ontario, Trevor Donegan.

Where does the name Ride Skateshop come from?

It didn’t really come from anywhere specific. When I was wanting to do a shop, I wanted a nice simple name that was easy to say, sounded good and skateboard-centric, and just flowed. Skaters describe themselves as someone who rides a skateboard. So, I thought a simple name like “Ride” made the most sense!

Why did you start your own business?

There hadn’t been a local sole proprietor shop in Niagara since Sud Skates closed in 2015. The next closest was Hamilton. After working with the town of Lincoln on getting a skatepark I thought I could make a difference in different ways! I helped get people a place to ride but I wanted to help people get those products to ride! So, I wanted to start a shop that people could get what they needed when they needed it and make them feel like part of the family!

How can people contact you for products?

People can contact me through Instagram @rideskateshop or can send me an email at rideskateshop579@gmail.com.

How has the pandemic affected business for you?

The only way the pandemic has affected business is it’s been hard to keep products in stock. With lockdowns and restrictions, people want to stock up on products that way they’re set. But because of companies not being able to get products, it’s been a challenge finding what’s available! But aside from that, because I’m starting just out of my basement, there haven’t been any issues due to the pandemic!

How do you feel about working with other local companies?

I absolutely love it! Skateboarding started from people starting a local company which eventually grew. And some people forget how important it is to represent local companies! The thought of being able to support them by purchasing products to sell to other people and being able to recommend them is a great feeling! Even when some big brands come into the shop, I’ll still be heavily relying on the local brands for products! They’re so important and I love having them involved.

What drives you to run Ride Skateshop?

Just the thought of being able to help someone with skating. Whether it’s just advice or helping someone with their first complete, when I see someone having a satisfying experience from my services, that’s what keeps me going. I remember getting my first board and that skateboarding becoming my life. I want anyone who wants to try skating to have that same experience! And just meeting new people and building friendly relationships! That’s half the fun!

What is your goal by the end of this year?

My goal by the end of the year is to expand my selection of product and get more companies in! And just continue to give people the best possible service!

What is your 5-year goal?

My 5-year goal is to be in a legit storefront with a wide variety of brands and companies and to just grow the Niagara skate community as much as possible! Giving those who need it a local shop to give them a reliable place to buy what they need and to just hangout! The possibilities are endless.

What’s your dream with the business?

I would love to eventually work to getting a skatepark as well as building a team! And just making Ride of the best well-known shops in Ontario! And hopefully Canada! Dreams don’t work unless you do!

Anyone you’d like to thank?

So many people! Thank you to my wonderful parents for letting me turn their basement into the shop! Thank you to all the local brands and companies for the product and amazing support! And a massive thank you to everyone who has supported Ride in any way! This would not be possible without you guys putting your belief and faith in me. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!