59. HZRD Skateboarding

June 10, 2022
June 10, 2022 Will Mackie

Welcome to another week of Comacan Questions, this week we spoke with a multi-purpose brand out of London, Ontario. Our guest highlights the scenes in which they are a part of, while also providing quality apparel and select hard goods. We are proud to help share the word of some friends to the west of us, please enjoy this week’s interview with the crew from HZRD Skateboarding.

What is HZRD Skateboarding?
HZRD Skateboarding is a community driven skateboard, snowboard, and apparel brand based out of London, Ontario. Our mission is to shed light on our local skateboard and snowboard community.  Operated by Cody Pelacek and Zach Almeida.

Why did you choose the name HZRD Skateboarding?
We used to go by Biohazard Skateboards back in 2013-2016 when we were in high-school. These days we’ve rebranded to HZRD Skateboarding, a more simplified approach to our previous concept which allowed us more creative wiggle room. HZRD used to be our clan tag but sitting around during the early months of the pandemic it clicked to just make it the name.

Do you sell/make products?
Yep! We sell skateboards, grip-tape, clothing, and accessories. Everything is designed in house. The grip-tape we spray paint ourselves and the boards we have made by local manufacturers in Canada. Our clothing is printed by Local MFG out of Hamilton. Shout out to Jay at the Local and everyone who works there; Ashley, Old School, Damien, Shaun, Rushane, and anyone we may have missed!

Where can these products be found?
You can find our products online at HZRD.ca or in store at The Local in Hamilton and at the London Skateboard Co-Op. If you’re a local skate shop owner reading this and would like to carry our products don’t hesitate to send us a message on IG, a goal of ours is to be in every local skate shop in Canada someday.

What does skateboarding mean to you?
Zach: Skateboarding is a form of release and creative outlet for me. It’s a way for me to express myself through tricks, photography, video, and design.

Cody:  I’ve been skateboarding since before I can remember, so honestly skateboarding laid the foundation to who I am today. It changed my outlook on how I see the world, view, and create art, and treat my loved ones. My passion for skateboarding was why I wanted to share it with everyone, which eventually took shape in the form of HZRD.

What was the inspiration behind stating a skateboard company?
Zach: It was pretty much Cody’s dream to start a skate company. Shortly after Cody and I became friends in high school he came to me with the idea to design our own graphic and buy a batch of boards. We knew we could sell them for cheaper than pro boards and still make our money back so that’s exactly what we did. Before the end of high school we had sold around 150 boards from 3 graphics and it just grew from there.

Do you have a team?
Right now, we have an unofficial team. We flow some products to a few skaters and snowboarders that have always shown love and support, all of them are long-time friends. The type of guys that work together to reach new spots, try new tricks, and encourage each other the whole way. We’re working on a full-length video that will have tons of the community in it and will also announce the official team. No release date yet.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
We’d like to thank HB Beal Secondary School, and Mrs. Rake, for not stopping us when we designed and sold our first boards in school, BealArt, Sean Connors from Control MFG, Jay Dworsky and the Local crew, London Skateboard Co-Op, Sheridan College, Humber College, Inner Circle Skatepark, our family and friends, and shout out to everyone we’ve lost along the way. This is for you.